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2003.02.11. 11:40

The National Security Committee of the Parliament has lodged a complaint with the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office because of stopping police investigation in the case of András Szász, an entrepreneur closely attached to the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP).

The decision has been voted not only by the opposition parties (Fidesz and MDF) but even the Free Democrat member of the committee supported it, only the Socialists voted with nay and expressed their minority opinion. According to certain sources the businessman charged with fraud in the value of HUF several hundred millions is still wanted by the Interpol.

András Szász, manager of Nádor Company was commissioned during the first Socialist-Free Democrat coalition government of Gyula Horn and Gábor Kuncze to buy intelligence equipments for the state. The investment was given a 33 million dollar currency loan by the Commercial and Credit Bank led by János Erős but the Nádor Company used only 21 million dollars from the sum. Yesterday the majority of the National Security Committee declared there was nothing to point to the lawful closing of the case. Róbert Répássy, MP (Fidesz), member of the committee referred to a written statement of the defendant which came up now but could not alter the validity of the charge. In the previous giovernment cycle András Szász offered an extra income to the state in exchange of stopping the criminal investigation in his case but Ervin Demeter, then Minister of the Secret Services declined the offer. Mr Répássy said it was clear that the dropping of the case was a political decision of the Socialists.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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