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CPAC an opportunity to convey the truth

Levente Szikra explained that in Hungary both the long-term success of conservative governance is given along with significant social support behind it.

American influence in Hungary (5)

Money, horses, weapons – the Hungarian left was equipped with all of this in the 2022 national elections thanks to overseas support.

American influence in Hungary (4)

In our upcoming article we will cite the most significant cases in which the United States Embassy in Hungary got involved in domestic political struggles.

American influence in Hungary (3)

In this article we will expose the other pillar of foreign influence: the establishment of the non-governmental-organization network and its funding from the US.

American influence in Hungary (2)

In our current article it becomes clear that the appearance of foreign financial entities in party funding entailed a level of influence in domestic Hungarian policy.

American influence in Hungary (1)

During the regime change, SZDSZ (Alliance of Free Democrats political party) was the party with the strongest set of international connections.

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