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Magyar Nemzet
2004.10.11. 08:23

The members of the government may not give a statement to Magyar Nemzet – they have decided allegedly about this in the informal cabinet meeting at Balatonöszöd. At the weekend session the main point was how to execute the government programme at best. The prohibition of statements seems plausible because they tried to withdraw the publication of the interview with Jenő Rácz, Minister of Health in Magyar Nemzet. PM Gyurcsány has commissioned Zoltán Gál J., former cabinet spokesman with the coordination of the government communication who had openly discriminated Magyar Nemzet. Earlier it was László Kovács, would- be commissioner in Brussels who announced a similar policy. PM Gyurcsány claimed yesterday that he wanted a more just and richer Hungary and a more modern society.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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