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2004.02.16. 09:50

The Socialist politician has supported a former ’cadre’ of József Torgyán. The court has awarded László Bercsényi, managing director of Agrár Marketing Centrum HUF 1,5 million in damages because the company dismissed him in April 2001. Bercsényi claims he could not get an employment in his special field though he was supported by Csaba Tabajdi MP (Hungarian Socialist Party).

László Bercsényi was dismissed because the company had submitted its business plan too late. The company had a HUF 2 billion annual budget. Bercsényi became an employee of Budapest Brokerház Company for a monthly HUF 300 000 salary, in April 2002 he became a marketing adviser of Egyesült Vegyiművek, last April he became the strategic marketing manager there, and adviser to the parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs. Mr Tabajdi said his protégé could not get a good job because of the articles which had appeared about him in the press.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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