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A kormány 95 százalékos extraprofitadót vetett ki a Molra


Magyar Nemzet
2003.06.18. 08:25

Yesterday Károly Szász and his family received police protection. The president of the State Supervision Office of Financial Organizations (PSZÁF) who had been seriously assaulted left the hospital yesterday. According to the informations of Magyar Nemzet Károly Szász was assaulted because he had revealed that in the buying up of the chemical firm Pannonplast a state company had a hand as well.

According to Magyar Nemzet this company was the State Motorway Management Company.’The twenty-page report reminds one of the purges in the ’fifties which has been partly the scenario of my removal’, said Mr Szász to Magyar Nemzet. Yesterday Premier Medgyessy ordered the national security services to investigate how the report in question had come into being. Yesterday the decision of PSZÁF became public: this might have been the reason of the attack. Certain financial groups tried to get control over Pannonplast Company using public funds. It was the State Motorway Management Company which bought up Pannonplast but in the informal network of the companies buying up the chemical firm we can find the Romanian Sándor Mudura, a good old family friend of Premier Medgyessy, too.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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