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France has become a doormat

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France has become a doormat

Alexandre Benalla, President Emmanuel Macron’s former all-rounder, summarized the situation quite well: “France is nothing more than a doormat on which everyone can clean the soles of their shoes with impunity,” he wrote on Twitter. How else could you characterize the various humiliations our country has to endure on a daily basis? The only problem: Benalla forgot to mention that Macron unfortunately only put into extreme acceleration a situation which had begun long before he came to power in 2017. 

Kurds who we have been accepted into France, can afford to injure 50 policemen, set cars and trash cans on fire in the middle of Paris, in a country that is not theirs. Namely, simply because three of them were killed by a man who, according to the signs was not all there mentally. This would be unfathomable in any normal country. Foreigners would not even be entitled to the right of association. The right of asylum would be respected but it would be reserved for those activists actually in danger – not twisted to sneak in a bunch of African immigrants, – mainly Muslims – forcing them on the French. 

The rule should be clear: under the right of asylum in our territory, any further political activity should be prohibited. After all, we are not obliged to bear the consequences of things we have nothing to do with. This would make it unimaginable for associations of foreigners or immigrants to demonstrate on the streets of France. And regarding aggression against police: this should be retaliated against in the harshest possible way as immigrants attacking our law enforcement is a declaration of war against the country that welcomed them in, France. Those deserve no mercy! The only possible answer is to show them the door!  

Suppose we were to implement these policies into practice. Would the Moroccan fans have dared to ruin and trash the streets of France after their win over our country in Qatar? Would they have felt they could attack the French without impunity, tear down our country’s flags, and act aggressively against our inhabitants? Do you think Palestinian activists would have marched down our streets with flags proclaiming anti-Israel hate speech? Do you think the tens of thousands of Muslim activists supported by the Left would have demonstrated throughout Paris in November 2019 against Islamophobia while chanting “Allah Akbar!” near the Bataclan, the site of the November 2015 terrorist attack? 

Do you think our country would tolerate a yearly invasion of half a million new, often illegal, immigrants with questionable backgrounds to whom we provide everything without compensation: aid, housing, free health care, and food? This all costs more money than French pockets have ever seen, yet they are the ones who finance it. Do you think we would accept that these people show no appreciation for our country; on the contrary, they continually demand more, seemingly considering the inordinate, extraordinary benefits they enjoy a right? Do you think it would be possible for illegal immigrants to organize demonstrations, occupy public spaces, be employed, attack law enforcement, run a drug trade, all while residing in France for many years? 

Do you think they would walk the streets with their knives, on occasion attacking each other but all too often our defenseless French compatriots instead, or even sexually assaulting women? Do you think that Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and other African countries would cover up fraud in the social security system, including fraud related to our pensions? Would they reject accepting their own citizens all while not making the slightest difference in our already-desecrated country?  

Anybody can enter France, but nobody leaves – and our occupiers interpret this as the absolute sign of weakness. Because these people despise the weak and can only understand strength. The explanation for their behavior is that they are aware of it: they enjoy complete impunity because they are supported by left-wing associations and parties and protected by too many corrupt and biased judges. Traitors who would have been shot dead in time of war if we still used Clemenceau’s good old methods that stood the test of time.  

France has truly become the world’s doormat after Macron and all his accomplices who were put in place to destroy our country and break the identity of our people finished their work, mainly for the sake of an unelected global government. Only a strong power could fight to make France respected again – first at home, and then abroad. A power supported by a fully equipped military; one that would be capable of breaking the government puppets serving the globalists; a power that could punish the conspirators and implement mass deportations. 

Photo: Riot police alongside a flipped car ablaze at the Kurdish demonstrations in downtown Paris, on December 24, 2022. On the previous day, a 69-year-old man lit a Kurdish cultural center on fire followed by a hairdresser salon and a cafe in the French capital. Three individuals lost their lives due to the attack, three others are suffering from injuries in the hospital (Photo: MTI/AP/Lewis Joly)

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