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2003.02.14. 10:50

Lajos Simicska, former President of Hungarian Tax and Revenue Office (APEH) has reported to the police because of suspicion of betraying state secrets and other crimes when the complete database of the Tax Office had been copied by an auditing firm.

According to Mr Simicska these data can be abused, e.g. data of companies can be forged retroactively. The parliamentary Budget Committe wishes to hear in the case the Minister of Finance and the present President of APEH in their next session.

Lajos Simicska, former President of APEH reported the suspicion of a crime of betraying state secrets and committing other crimes to the Department Against Organized Crime of National Police Headquarters in connection with the copying of the database of the Tax and Revenue Office.

Mr Simicska has informed Magyar Nemzet about the report, claiming that it is a grave state security and national economic menace that the whole database of several million Hungarian taxpayers and that of several hundred thousand Hungarian companies have been picked out from the control of the APEH informatic system. Mr Simicska called a professional dilettantism the explanation of the present APEH president, László György Király who said the duplication served the purpose of a comparison in case of a later examination.

The mechanism of the multiple data saving process in the informatic system of the tax office provides for the storage of the continually changing data and excludes the loss of any data, says the report to the police. The copy of the database made by an external firm not screened by state security risks different sorts of abuses, illegal tricks and forgeries. Sándor Csintalan, former Socialist MP said on Wednesday in Hír television that the Tax Office scandal was the greatest one since the change of regime in Hungary. He finds it shocking that the media keep silent though this abuse offends constitutional rights, still everyone is silent and intimidated.

Translated by: Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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