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Momentum MEP also tangled in the Soros web

In the past week, Magyar Nemzet has demonstrated Gerald Knaus’ key role in the Soros-lobby network. We exhibited Knaus’ lack of inhibition when it comes to distorting certain politicians’ statements and even stuffing the world media with fake news. In this part of our series we list numerous politicians that Knaus frequently meets with; we also figure out which left-wing, female politician has become Věra Jourová’s, European Commission Vice-President, newest confidante in all affairs Hungarian.

2020. 09. 13. 8:33
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In addition to the various liberal media outlets, Donald Tusk, the Polish President of the European People’s Party, also spoke in surprising agreement with the communication strategy represented by the European Stability Initiative (ESI).

As far as we know, Knaus’ regular meetings include the company of various EU Commissioners. According to one of our sources, he has personally

consulted with Frans Timmermans, Vice-President of the European Commission, Johannes Hahn, Budget Commissioner, and Josep Borrell, Foreign Affairs Commissioner. Knaus has publicly posted with Borrell and he even considered it necessary to make his usual “ECFR” tag.

He also maintains a very special relationship with Věra Jourová, Commissioner responsible for Rule of Law affairs. Jourová’s comments to the Frankfurter Allgemaine Zeitung on May 10, 2020 conveyed a starkly different opinion than what she had expressed up until that point; in any case, it closely resembled Knaus’ opinion. However, what is fact and not just theory: in the majority of Anna Donáth’s (Momentum MEP) comments on Hungary, she is “shepherding Jourová” and serving as her secret adviser. We’ve found that the Momentum MEP actually openly and proudly brags of this to her party. Moreover, Jourová recently earned a “pat on the back” from the Austrian lobbyist for initiating infringement proceedings against Poland.

The Knaus institute, ESI, published a new study on April 27, 2020 clearly aimed at the forthcoming budget debates in the European Union. The so-called study titled “The wizard, the virus and a pot of gold – Viktor Orbán and the future of European solidarity” should rather have been labeled a proposal package. Knaus and his circle initiated a proposal among decision-makers in Brussels to force the “parasite member”, Hungary, to accept a “rule of law mechanism”; this mechanism would make the transfer of funds dependent on the adoption of decisions from the Court of Justice of the EU. According to Knaus, “in the future, the EU cannot be a silent cash ATM”.

What’s tremendously telling is how this new turn in policy was subsequently incorporated into the vocabulary of the liberal media and politicians. We will provide a few examples of this. As reported by Index, Manfred Weber declared this already on June 13, 2020: “The EU isn’t an ATM, it’s a community of values.” One month later, in the middle of the budget debates on July 17, 2020, Knaus again tweeted his aforementioned proposals, tagging multiple influential journalists – including staff from the Soros-allied New York Times. The specific wording here comprised of “parasitic solidarity” and a “silent cash-machine, funding illiberalism”.

On the same day, the online edition of the Spiegel newspaper, which Knaus is tied to, announced that the EU cannot be the Hungarian’s ATM; David Sassoli, liberal President of the European Parliament, provided near-identical comments to Azonnali, while Romanian liberal, Dacian Cioloș tweeted similarly.

(To be continued)

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