German Schoolkids Banned from Drinking During Ramadan

Fifth-graders at a school in Germany have been banned from drinking in class because there are three Muslim children in the class who are fasting for Ramadan.

Forrás: V4NA2024. 03. 18. 15:49
Iraqi boys queue to receive a portion of food at the Al-Khairat Kitchen during the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan in Baghdad on March 17, 2024. (Photo by AHMAD AL-RUBAYE / AFP) Fotó: AFP
VéleményhírlevélJobban mondva - heti véleményhírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz fűzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

Teachers at a primary school in Germany have banned children from drinking water in their classrooms because Muslim pupils fast during Ramadan, the German newspaper NIUS reports, as highlighted by the international V4NA news agency. A father of one of the children in the affected class also gave an interview to NIUS.

At dinner, we always discuss how the day went. So I asked my daughter about her day at school, and she told me that two teachers had forbidden the kids from drinking in class because three out of 27 children were fasting. Normally, the children have their water bottles on the table, and if they are thirsty, they can drink in class,

– the father said. He continued by pointing out that

we found it strange. On the one hand, the fifth-graders are 10 and 11 years old. But even for religious Muslims, fasting is only compulsory from the age of 14. And to prioritise 3 kids over 24 when it comes to the students’ basic physical needs is a rather strange intervention.

In any case, the man and his wife encouraged their child to drink in class when thirsty. The school declined to comment to the press. As is known, Muslims observing the fast of Ramadan must abstain from all food or drink, including water, during daylight hours.

A week ago, Chancellor Olaf Scholz formally inaugurated the month of fasting. In a speech lasting almost four minutes, the politician addressed his fellow Muslims and wished them a blessed Ramadan. To ensure that all fasters felt acknowledged, Mr Scholz took care to deliver this message not only in German but also in Turkish and Arabic.

In Frankfurt and Cologne, city authorities decided to illuminate the cities with festive lighting during Ramadan.

Furthermore, writer Caro Wissing has published an entire opinion piece on the internet explaining why it is time for a German Ramadan. According to his article, there is no question that the dawn-to-dusk Muslim fast is now a part of Germany.

Cover photo: Christian children in Germany are required to accommodate to Muslims (Photo: AFP/Ahmad Al-Rubaye)

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