"Europe Hasn't Been in Such Danger as Today Since the World War"

"The stakes of the European Parliament elections have never been as high as they are now," Kinga Gal said. "Europe hasn't been in such danger since the World War," the Fidesz MEP and deputy leader of the party added in Mohacs on Tuesday.

Forrás: MTI2024. 05. 15. 12:36
Hungarian MEP and Fidesz party Deputy Chief Kinga Gal (Source: Facebook/Gál Kinga)
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

Before the start of the Hungarian governing party's forum she held on the Mohacs stop of the campaign trail, Kinga Gal told journalists that Western European decision-makers in Brussels are currently suffering from a war psychosis the likes of which they have not experienced since the Second World War.

The Fidesz MEP said, 

pro-war politicians and decision-makers, who are becoming increasingly vocal about the war in our neighborhood, are "navigating" the continent and the European Union into a "war conflict", escalating the threat of a world war, a nuclear war.

Hungary has already experienced many times over that war only brings destruction, so "the European Parliament elections are not just a question of which faction will be bigger, but whether the pro-war side will have a majority, or those who want peace and a ceasefire", she pointed out.

The overwhelming majority of Hungarian voters are pro-peace, and it is also unequivocally clear that "those who stood up for Hungary's peace and security in Brussels were Fidesz and Christian Democrat (KDNP) representatives," 

she pointed out.

Hungary can stay out of the war, according to the politician, if the Hungarian people cast their vote of confidence in the Fidesz-KDNP representatives, who will also strengthen the Orban government's and Fidesz-KDNP's position in European decision-making, namely that a ceasefire, peace negotiations and peace must be achieved as soon as possible.

In the MEP's view, the political Left will be united, and all "will be pro-war, regardless of whether they are called Gyurcsany, Marki-Zay or Peter Magyar", while Fidesz-KDNP representatives are on the side of peace and represent national interests.

In some member states, she sees a growing number of sovereignist, conservative right-wing parties that have the same views as the Hungarian government forces gaining strength, and this shows that there is a great dissatisfaction with what is happening at the European Union level.

For the "conservative right to be sufficiently strong, work together and reverse trends", it needs voters. It is in Hungary's interest to have strong conservative, right-wing European Parliamentary groups, with whom the Hungarian governing parties can work closely.

When it comes to defending sovereignty, standing up for peace, preventing migration and fighting the gender lobby, Kinga Gal pointed out that people can count on Fidesz-KDNP MEPs.

Cover photo: Kinga Gal (Source: Facebook/Gál Kinga)


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