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2003.07.30. 09:22

At the price of great sacrifices, with the help of HUF 800 million the egg producers managed to stabilize the situation of their branch by exporting fifty million eggs and eighty tons of eggpowder.

This meant that about one hundred thousand hen-raising space had to be cancelled and farmers expect a rise of egg prices to cover losses of the first half of the year. This year the gross value of production has been HUF 18 billion, the cost of production was HUF 12,55 per egg which meant a loss of HUF 1,6 per egg for the producers. The egg branch is loosely regulated in the European Union, according to an expert with the accession there will be a great pressure on Hungarian egg producers while prescriptions for the welfare of the animals mean investments of the farmers not subsidized by the state.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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