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2003.07.10. 15:01

The husband of the Minister of the Interior may be also affected in the Pannonplast scandal.

’The husband of Mónika Lamperth, András Jegesy is affected in the Pannonplast case as he was in contracted relation with the K&H Equities broker firm involved in the share purchase scandal’, said yesterday Antal Rogán MP (Fidesz). The Minister of the Interior refused the charge. The case may affect Csaba László Minister of Finance and his cabinet chief, Tibor Draskovics, too.

The police searched the premises of the firm where documents and computers were confiscated. András Jegesy, the husband of Mónika Lamperth was in a contracted relationship with the K&H Equities broker company as a lawyer which handled HUF 13 billion public funds from the State Motorway Management Company. Antal Rogán said the contract brought Mr Jegesy a monthly income of HUF 1 million, adding that he saw the document.

Britton Capital, affected in the Pannonplast scandal resides in 1 Újpesti rakpart where earlier Attila Kulcsár, head of K&H Equities lived and the same address is registered for András Jegesy’s lawyer’s office where the office worked until the outbreak of the scandal about Elemér Kiss, Minister of the Chancellery who had to resign. Antal Rogán called attention to the fact that the police searched the premises of K&H Equities and confiscated all documents including the contract in question, just half an hour before the arrival of the commissioner of the State Supervision of Financial Organizations. ’I am convinced that this document will be in safe hands as most of the police are honest and do not follow political commands but Mónika Lamperth’s independence in this case is highly questionable’, said Antal Rogán MP.

It is a great question if Mónika Lamperth had informed the Premier about her husband’s contract and how went HUF 13 billion public money to K&H Equities without any tender. K&H had a list of VIP shareholders including bankers and media presonalities who had a special treatment and who could make big profits with a minimum risk. Attila Kulcsár, director of K&H Equities earlier confessed his responsibility but later he withdrew it: his name emerged in 1999 in connection with a stock exchange speculation when the two general directors of the company K&H Brókerház, Tamás Mozol and Edmund Yankson were tried. They had good relations with János Erős, then general director of K&H Bank, now general director of Hungarian Development Bank.

Mónika Lamperth Minister of the Interior refuses the charges in an announcement by the press department of the Ministry stating András Jegesy had never any contract with K&H Equities and did not do any work as a lawyer either for the broker firm or for Pannonplast while András Jegesy said his office had a contract with K&H Bank. András Tóth, state secretary for national security said there had been dubious cases in K&H Equities in the past five years.

Csaba László Minister of Finance was deputy general director of K&H Bank between February 2001 and February 2002 and Tibor Draskovics, now cabinet chief of Péter Medgyessy had the same post. The fraud affects some 60-70 clients whose name may not be made public to protect their rights but the state secretary does not see any direct connection between the embezzlement scandal and the brutal assault of Károly Szász, President of the State Supervision Office of Financial Organizations.

Translated by: Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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