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Katalin Novák: Hungary and Poland can count on each other

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Katalin Novák: Hungary and Poland can count on each other

“I arrived to Warsaw with love in my heart; I do not consider this trip primarily a diplomatic mission, but rather a self-evident measure given our thousand-year-old friendship and closely aligned values between us Hungarians and Poles even today,” said Hungarian President Katalin Novák on Tuesday during first official trip as president in Warsaw.

Our Christian faith, the protection of our religion and traditional family and national values are important to both of us,

– said Katalin Novák after meeting with her Polish colleague, President Andrzej Duda. Referring to the dissent between the two countries on weapons shipments and energy embargos due to the Russian-Ukrainian war, Katalin Novák stated: “there is much more that unites us than divides.”

“Poland and Hungary could count on each other thus far – we will not allow anyone to drive us apart” – affirmed Katalin Novák.

Andrzej Duda had a similar message in his statement. He said:

It is a fact that the new Hungarian President’s first trip abroad was to Warsaw, “and for me it is especially pleasing, because this means that our Hungarian-Polish friendship will continue to persevere as you have shown your intent for it to.”

The war in Ukraine was the main topic of the Polish-Hungarian presidential discussions. The Hungarian President confirmed once more that Hungary condemns Putin’s aggression and will forever reject any efforts to reinstate the Soviet Union.

She emphasized: escalation of war is the worst-case scenario, we are interested in long-term peace.

“We are not neutral; we are on the side of the innocent and of justice and as members of the EU and NATO we are fulfilling all our commitments. When we have the right to say no in certain questions – and the Hungarian interests dictate so – then we will say no. Under no circumstances are we willing to relinquish our sovereignty.

We will not agree to anything that will require a sacrifice from Hungarians that inflicts more pain on us than on the Russian agressor,”

– declared the Hungarian President referring to the fact that Hungary did not agree to the latest, sixth, set of sanctions against Russian which included a ban on Russian oil imports.

Katalin Novák reminded that Hungary passed all five sanctions packages against Russia – however, Hungary relies on Russian energy sources and thus we are in a more difficult place than other European countries.

It has become clear to me that Poland’s situation is far simpler than Hungary's. Hungary and Russia are much more interconnected, especially with regard to the economy

– expressed Andrzej Duda. He explained that Poland began diversifying their energy sources with oil, gas and electricity much earlier, so they are much less dependent on Russian imports.

“The sixth sanctions package will be necessary. I hope that there will be negotiations with Hungarian leadership to shape the sanctions so that they are acceptable for everyone,” said the Polish President. He also pointed out:

Diversification costs a lot of money – EU funds could be used towards this, however they were withheld from both Hungary and Poland.

Andrzej Duda said this in refernce to the fact that the European Commission has not provided either Warsaw nor Budapest anything from their coronavirus recovery funds. Thus, the Polish President requested that Brussels revise its policy in this affair.

Katalin Novák said something similar:

“It is in the basic interest of Hungary to diversify its energy foundations, but for this we need resources and money; President Duda and I are speaking out today to insist that Hungary and Poland be granted the money they were allotted from the recovery fund.”

Katalin Novák also said that today Ukraine is defending Europe’s gates and we must defend the innocent Ukrainian people.

“In both Poland and Hungary everyone took action at once to help. Without question. Noone hesitated to considered whether this is worthwhile or the pain, difficult and sacrifices it would require,”

– said the Hungarian President in Warsaw. She added: “They were there from the first minute, helping together. Civilians, mayors, aid organizations, and churches all helped out. Both the Hungarian and Poles did an incredible job in loving thy neighbour and providing help.”

Andrzej Duda also expected more aid from the European Commission in dealing with the refugee crisis. He said that Ukraine’s neighbouring countries who are taking in refugees are not getting the material support they need to care for them.

“This policy undermines the credibility and unity of the EU.”

The Polish President stated: “I reassure Ukrainian refugees arriving in Poland that we will do everything for them, even though we are not getting any funds.”

Katalin Novák concluded by saying that her and Andzrej Duda discussed the common values between our two countries: both countries are Christian with Christian foundations and give the greatest possible support to traditional families.

Photo: Katalin Novák and Andrzej Duda (Photo CRedit: MTI/Noémi Bruzák)

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