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Orbán Viktor: Ősszel Magyarország ellenfelei egyszerre lépnek fel a követeléseikkel

Will EU leaders dismantle energy security?

Árki Tamás
2023.06.08. 13:28
Will EU leaders dismantle energy security?

The blowing up of the Kakhovka dam has mobilized the international community in an extraordinary fashion, to which the convening of the UN Security Council serves as a good example. The destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines on 26 September 2022 would constitute an act of international terrorism and a threat to peace, Mr Sachs told a hearing before the Security Council. However, when compared to the other major bombing since the outbreak of the Ukraine war, there are some notable differences.

Following the explosion of the Kakhovka dam, the international community made a unanimous demand that those responsible should be named. However, there is still no news on any ongoing inquiry into the explosion of certain sections of the Nord Stream pipeline, even though in this case, according to some investigative journalists, the United States' may be implicated.

At the request of our newspaper, Zoltan Lomnici Jr., a consultant at the Szazadveg Foundation, told us that attacks on facilities containing dangerous forces are prohibited by international law.

It is important to point out that when the Ukrainians attacked the Zaporizhzhia power plant, the international public wasn't too concerned with an artillery action targeting critical infrastructure, yet the partial destruction of the dam on the Dnieper River provoked a swift and violent reaction, he added. 

The other notable, highly publicized attack during the Ukraine war was the bombing up of a section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, the destruction of which has generated much less spectacular "movements" on the international scene. According to Zoltan Lomnici, Jr.,  it can be argued that there is a deliberate silence on the issue of the Nord Stream explosion, because of a potential involvement by the United States.

In the spring of 2022, the European Union and the United States concluded a gas agreement with the aim of using it to supply the continent at a time when dependence on Russian gas imports is gradually being diminished,

the expert recalled. "In the meantime, according to recent press reports, the United States will supply the EU with 15 billion cubic metres of liquefied shale gas in 2022, on top of the planned 15 billion cubic metres, and then an annual 50 billion cubic metres until 2030," he added.

In the US, however, there are seven export terminals capable of liquefying and transporting up to more than 100 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year. Against this backdrop, the approach first made famous by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Seymour Hersh's article - whereby the destruction of Nord Stream 2 was ordered by President Biden in a way that by fabricating cover stories, the German Chancellor and the US President woud divert attention from Biden - takes on a particular meaning,

he pointed out. This appears corroborated by a European intelligence report, which suggests that the covert undersea attack against Nord Stream was planned by a Ukrainian special forces team made up of six men, reporting directly to the Ukrainian Armed Forces' commander in chief.

Taking into account the plan proposed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to blow up the Friendship oil pipeline, the leaders of the EU - with strong US assistance - appear to be dismantling the continent's energy security, Zoltan Lomiczi Jr. opined.

The sanctions policy has led to a sharp rise in gas, oil and electricity prices, swiftly pushing the European economy close to a crisis point. And while Europe is heavily dependent on raw materials from Russia, many European leaders have given up on this. Europe's anti-Russian sanctions, which also include sanctions on energy, have not resulted a rapid closure to the Ukraine war, further deepening the EU's economic and political crisis,

said Zoltan Lomnici Jr., in conclusion. 


Cover photo: Zoltan Lomnici Jr., (Photo: MTI/Csaba Krizsan )


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