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What Happened in Hungary Last Year Should Never Have Happened! + video

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2023.11.28. 13:10
What Happened in Hungary Last Year Should Never Have Happened! + video

In the future, NGOs participating in elections will be required to adhere to the same rules as political parties, Fidesz MEP Judit Varga stressed in her speech before Hungary's National Assembly.

During Tuesday's session in parliament Ms Varga emphasized that

George Soros was named Man of the Year by the Financial Times in 2018 for what they believe is his endeavor to build an independent foreign policy with his own personal funds. 

The Fidesz MEP recalled that in 2022 something happened in Hungary that should never have happened in the history of Hungarian democracy:

It's been revealed that foreign funds were used to finance the Hungarian opposition's election campaign. This, in Ms Varga's opinion, was not simply a circumvention of Hungary's existing legal framework, but also a betrayal of a genuine civil society that supports and stands up for good causes.

In order to safeguard the integrity of Hungary's democratic processes and sovereignty, in the future, civil society organisations participating in elections must abide by the same rules that apply to political parties, Ms Varga said. 

She drew attention to the fact that

proposals eerily similar to Hungary's sovereignty protection package have also surfaced in EU decision-making drafts. The President of the European Commission announced in 2022 that a measure would be implemented to safeguard democracy from covert foreign interference. Although the proposal hasn't even gained traction yet, international NGOs have already launched a concerted attack against the Commission.

They are outraged that their background financing would be subject to full scrutiny. As a result, Brussels, for the time being, seems hesitant to take action, leaving Hungary to fend for itself on this issue, Ms Varga said.

She stressed that representatives of the national conservative side would continue to work to preserve Hungary's independence and self-determination. For us, the Hungarian interest will always come first, she added.

Cover photo: Fidesz MEP Judit Varga (Photo: MTI/Attila Kovacs)

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