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2003.05.13. 10:27

The phenomenon experienced during the Horn era returns in motorway construction: the contractors play at their will with the costs. Experts in motorway construction find it unacceptable that the costs became 17 pc higher after the public tender.

The chief contractors build motorways in Hungary for unjustified high prices, said experts to Magyar Nemzet. As it is known, the M3, M7 and M70 motorway sections in a total of 60 km length will be built for HUF 128 billion though before the tender the same contractors made a HUF 109,5 billion bid for the same work. The Economic Competition Bureau examines the suspicion of forming a cartel on the part of the contractors though the National Motorway Company finds the HUF 18,5 billion acceptable. During the Horn-era the multinational companies did the same: they divided the market and set the prices as they wished.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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