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Varga Mihály megerősítette: közel egymilliárd euró érkezik Brüsszelből


2004.08.21. 08:50

There is a position struggle within the Hungarian Socialist Party for the succession. The Alliance of Free Democrats may have the chance to decide about the fate of the coalition. The Socialist-Free Democrat coalition government of Prime Minister Péter Medgyessy fell on Thursday.

The presidium of the Hungarian Socialists decided to submit a motion of no confidence against the Premier together with the Free Democrats. The presidium proposed to nominate Péter Kiss, Minister of the Chancellery, for the post. The government crisis strengthened the interior struggle for power, yesterday Ferenc Gyurcsány, former Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs, also announced his wish to compete for the premiership, but new candidates are swarming, too. The emergency congress of the Socialist party will be convened within days while talks go on today between the coalition partners. It seems that the Free Democrats do not want to interfere in the struggle while analysts claim it was Premier Medgyessy who quickened his fall by his wrong assessment of the situation. The election of a new Prime Minister will result in a new cabinet, too. The so-called constructive motion of no confidence is a legal trick to preserve the right of nomination because in the case of Medgyessy’s resignation President Mádl would have the right to request one of the political powers to form a cabinet.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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