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Quota-based distribution of migrants a huge security risk

Authorities are powerless to deal with illegal immigrants arriving in Europe, security expert Georg Spottle says.

Gábor Márton
2023. 06. 12. 14:06
202200727 magyar szerb hatar migransok havran zoltan magyar nemzet Fotó: Havran Zoltán
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

Law enforcement agencies are helpless when it comes to dealing with illegal migrants arriving in Europe, Georg Spottle told the daily Magyar Nemzet newspaper. According to the security policy expert, the recent knife attack in France clearly demonstrates that the authorities did not have decisive information about the perpetrator, who claimed to be a Christian man of Syrian descent. 

In fact, we are unable to trace either the identity, or the motive of the knifeman. We do not know why he came to Europe, or why he moved from Sweden to France where, just like his peers, he refused to look for work, learn the language and integrate into this European community.

the expert said, adding that the great migration wave of 2015 and the admission of migrants into Europe has cost the lives of hundreds of European citizens who died in terrorist attacks. A good example of this, the analyst pointed out, is the attack at the Bataclan nightclub in Paris, where gunmen massacred more than 90 young people.

"Hundreds of innocent Europeans have fallen victim to this misguided immigration policy. Back in 2015, many European leaders said they would welcome everyone with open arms, arguing that these people were all desperately poor asylum seekers fleeing civil war and the Islamic State. But by now, it's turned out that these people are precisely the Islamic State, they are the conflict."

The security policy expert cited the Swedish city of Malmo as an example, where criminal migrant clans are engaged in a turf war, fighting each other for control of certain areas. But the situation is no better in Germany, according to Georg Spottle.

Germany's Federal Criminal Police Office recently announced that it had lost control over the Lebanese clans active in the country. These groups already have established a strong economic and social base.

"These organized crime groups have already reached a point where - using their money gained through drug-, as well as human and arms trafficking and extortion - they are buying real estates, office buildings and apartment blocks in the country, which they then rent out. And the income they receive from these is now considered legal, and law enforcement agencies are more-less unable to do anything," the expert added. 

According to Mr Spottle, however, it is way more disconcerting that citizens across Western Europe had lost their sense of security. Fewer and fewer people dare to let their children out in the evening, as migrants tease and fight with passers-by, as well as those who just happen to be out and about, looking for entertainment. At a result, citizens worried about their safety have less and less opportunities to have fun, because incidents, for example on beaches, are now a regular occurrence in Germany. Migrants often tease and harass young girls, which leads to mass brawls. 

People have lost their sense of security in their own countries, and I think this is a huge problem, because they don't see that their governments are doing anything to restore security. In fact, the governments continue to push for the quota-based distribution of migrants at a time when Iraq and Syria are no longer burdened by civil war and the Middle East is safe, so these people could be sent back home,

explained Georg Spottle, who also visited Iraq a few weeks ago, admittedly to see the security situation there for himself. 

Responding to our paper's question, the security policy expert revealed that during his stay in Tehran, his local friends told him that most of the people who emigrate from Iran to the European continent have already been to jail or committed some crime and are simply fleeing to avoid further detention by the authorities.


"These people, in order to avoid being re-detained by the authorities, apply for asylum in Europe on some pretext. For example, they say that they are persecuted Christians, or gay. But it's rather obvious that those who were criminals at home won't integrate into society here either, and they'll continue with their previous activities. And apparently, most criminal organizations welcome new, prospective members in Germany, for example. The Lebanese drug mafia, for instance, prefers to recruit youngsters from West Africa, because these guys, upon their arrival, will soon find out that they can't really make it in Germany without an education. However, they can earn up to 200 euros as drug dealers,"

the expert said. 


Cover photo: migrants apprehended along the Hungary-Serbia border (Source: Zoltan Havran)

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