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France has become a hostage to its minorities

Those nations that refuse to acknowledge the threat posed by Islam face a tragic future, said Jacques Guillemain, a former French Air Force fighter pilot and author, whose latest book, Macron, France’s Worst Gravedigger has been published in Hungary. According to Guillemain, brainwashing in the name of political correctness has caused irreversible damage to the French elite, and few see the danger of mass immigration as Viktor Orbán does in Hungary.

2021. 08. 26. 15:39
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You fought for your country as a fighter pilot, yet now you have written a quite critical book about the French President. Is this the rebellion of the soldiers or something else?

It is not the military rebellion, but an individual “cry for help” in which I expose the policies of Emmanuel Macron, who is leading us into a catastrophe of identity and racial chaos by making France the drain for all the misery in the world. When a man has served his homeland for 25 years and then faces the current deterioration, all he can do is rebel against those who are destroying our millennium-old nation. You in Hungary are in the fortunate position of having a sensible leader who knows perfectly well what mass migration, alien to our Christina-Judeo roots, can lead to. At the same token, your question does tap into a real issue. I wrote the book in April, which turned out to be ominous, as a few days later, generals warned the government in an open letter about an immigration catastrophe that would push us into a chasm if things went on unchanged. This fantastic opinion piece was signed by 60 generals and thousands of soldiers, including retirees, with serious resonations, deeply depressing those representatives in power. Indeed, the armed forces are uneasy, and this is being said out loud by both retirees and active officers who have expressed their agreement despite their omitted names.

What is France’s main problem today and who is responsible for it? You call Macron the worst gravedigger, but who else belongs to this group? And what solutions do you suggest?

The main concern which threatens France’s survival, is the decades-long uninterrupted waves of immigration from outside Europe which are resulting in a deepening gap in our identity, as well as Islamization which is slowly dividing the country. Entire neighborhoods have become mini caliphates, as some police offices name them. This insane immigration is destroying us and dragging our country down. Many Muslims do not want to integrate and want to force their way of life on us. Three-quarters of our young Muslims value religion – that is, sharia (Islamic law) – before the constitution! There couldn’t be a bigger threat for France than this. Crime has increased fivefold in half a century, making France one of the most dangerous states in Europe; meanwhile back in 1960 we were an isle of peace. Every day we are subject to a thousand aggressions and 120 knife attacks, and we live under the constant threat of terrorism. That is why our leaders and elites are responsible from both the left and the right, who opened the immigration gates so much that they have lost control of the situation. Every president after General Charles de Gaulle is guilty of wrecking our country. They are all France’s gravediggers, but Macron is the worst of them all. Half a million immigrants arrive each year, including both legal and illegal. Also, they don’t deport those whose applications for asylum were rejected. With a birth rate of less than 200,000 newborns per year, the big population transformation is not a far-right fantasy illusion, but an indisputable reality. What is the solution? Expel illegal immigrants, close borders, put an end to family reunification, citizenship through birth in France, dual citizenship, and maintain social benefits exclusively for the French. The prioritization of foreigners must be ended. Islam must return to the private sphere and we must be ruthless against the anti-republic Islamism. Ultimately, it is essential that we restore police powers that have been taken away from them and reject the rebels who live in our cities according to their own laws. Our police officers are ordered not to intervene in certain neighborhoods for fear of riots. With just a single police check, entire neighborhoods can ignite in fire, cars are lit up cars and looting erupts.

You recently told a French newspaper; “If we had listened to Jean-Marie Le Pen 40 years ago instead of demonizing him, France wouldn’t be on the brink.” What do you mean by this?

Le Pen was right before everyone else in the 80s when he rang the alarm, but the elites refused to acknowledge this. “The homeland is in danger and the French should have priority!” were his slogans. You, our Hungarian friends, know very well how valid these statements are. Never give in to the immigration dictates from Brussels! In France however, the totalitarian machinery of intellectual terrorism has demonized Le Pen in the name of coexistence and anti-racism. We see the results clearly. Forty years later, France is in a state of disintegration and has become a hostage to its minorities.

In one part of your book, you speak of yourself as a populist leper. What does this mean in the French context?

This is a reference to one of Macron’s speeches in which he condemns the “populist leprosy” as the country’s cancer. For him, the nation and homeland are obsolete values that have been doomed to destruction in the name of globalism and multiculturalism. He is a European rather than a Frenchman. So, for Macron, I must be conquered as I am a populist leper, a patriot who defends my Judeo-Christian roots and my Greco-Latin culture.   

Who will win the 2022 presidential elections? Does Marine Le Pen have a chance? Who do you support?  

It is a difficult question, but we are hopeful. Few candidates are fully aware of the enormous challenge of civilization that lies ahead. Forty years of brainwashing in the name of political correctness has caused irreversible damage to our elite. Le Pen created an illusion in the 2017 presidential campaign. Unfortunately, she collapsed in her televised debate against Macron, exposing her dramatic shortcomings to the eyes of the country and the world. I think this caused an irreparable disaster. The candidate I support may announce his campaign soon and if he wins, I can assure you that you won’t even recognize France in a few years. He is a brilliant, brave, and willful man who is perfectly aware of the problems of the country and knows what to do. He is the exact opposite of Macron. I am referring to Éric Zemmour, an excellent journalist who knows the ins and outs of geopolitics and the problems of the world, and at the same time the heart and soul of France. This country must be deeply loved in order for it to be saved. This is an existential fight. The cradle of our civilization is not in Mecca, but in ancient Rome and Greece. Those nations that do not acknowledge the threat of Islam are exposing themselves to a tragic future.

Immigration policy is a national right. – Given nations have the right to determine who they want to live with in order to resist the invasion of immigration. I am in favor of Hungary’s approach in this, said Éric Zemmour in an interview with Magyar Nemzet two years ago. The frequently cited French intellectual believes that by 2030, 10-20 million Muslims could live in France according to current trends. “My roots are not French either, I wasn’t there for the Crusades. But those without French roots must accept the cultural model that has developed here over the centuries” he added.

Photo: MTI/EPA/Yoan Valat

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