Hungary FM Sends Strong Message To Donald Tusk + Video

We see the Polish prime minister's concept of democracy, as opposition politicians are being imprisoned," the Hungarian foreign minister has said.

2024. 01. 23. 12:52
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– Hungary is a sovereign country, whether Donald Tusk likes it or not, so it has the right to represent its own position on the Ukraine war, which is that peace is needed as soon as possible, Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said in Brussels on Monday, criticising the Polish prime minister's recent remarks. According to a statement issued by the Hungarian foreign ministry, Mr Szijjarto emphasized that during his visit to Kyiv, Donald Tusk "showed a complete lack of respect and attacked the Hungarian government's position on the Ukraine war with derogatory words", accusing Hungary of "betraying Europe and being un-European," describing the country as "the darkest place in political hell."

Now, of course, we have seen what's happened in Poland in the past few weeks. We saw the Polish rime minister's concept of democracy. We see how opposition politicians are being imprisoned in Poland. We see that there is no tolerance whatsoever for opinions that differ from those in power, from the government,

 − FM Szijjarto emphasized.

– But the fact is that we must pose the question of what kind of behavior prevails in Europe? What sort of approach is it that only deems one opinion acceptable? What type of behavior is it that does not tolerate, accept, or acknowledge that there may be other opinions on a given matter? - he asked.

The prohibition of sanctioning individuals simply because they have a different opinion on a particular issue is, and should be, one of the fundamental values of the European Union, FM Szijjarto pointed out, adding that labeling an opinion as un-European just because it differs from one's own is contrary to this principle.

The fact is, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, that in Europe everyone has the right to their own opinion and express their own views, therefore no one can be sanctioned, no one can be labelled as anti-European, and certainly no one can be thrown in jail,

− he said.

FM Szijjarto concluded by emphasizing that the events of the past weeks, months and years clearly indicate that there is no battlefield solution to the Ukraine war. This is why Hungary continues to stand for peace and refuses to switch to a pro-war position, Hungary is a pro-peace position. In our view, we need a ceasefire as soon as possible, we need to start peace negotiations as soon as possible, he said.

– Hungary is a sovereign country that has the right to express its own opinion, and to represent its own position (...) We insist on the achievement of peace in Ukraine as soon as possible, even despite Donald Tusk having a different opinion and a pro-war view. 

Cover photo: FM Peter Szijjarto (PhotoFotó: AFP/John Thys)

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