FM: Preventing NATO-Russia Conflict Is Crucial

Europe continues to suffer from war psychosis, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Kossuth Radio's Sunday news program. He was referring to French President Emmanuel Macron's statement that the possibility of the West sending troops to war-torn Ukraine cannot be ruled out.

Forrás: MTI2024. 03. 03. 15:36
Budapest, 2024. február 16. Szijjártó Péter külgazdasági és külügyminiszter beszél a Nestlé Hungária beruházásbejelentõ sajtótájékoztatóján a Külgazdasági és Külügyminisztériumban 2024. február 16-án. A Nestlé Hungária 55 milliárd forintos értékben fejleszti a Purina állateledeleket elõállító gyárát Bükön, amely beruházás nyomán 130 új munkahely jön majd létre. MTI/Máthé Zoltán Fotó: Máthé Zoltán
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

What Hungary has been saying since the beginning of the war is happening, the minister said, namely that the sanctions against Russia are not working and that there will be no battlefield solution to the war.

The longer the Russia-Ukraine war continues, the closer "the terrifying threat of what could be called a third world war" comes, he said.

"Western Europe initially sent only helmets, then ammunition, small arms, tanks and missiles to Ukraine, and it is no wonder that some Western politicians are now talking about sending ground troops," Peter Szijjarto said.

"This goes completely against the joint decisions taken so far," he stated, explaining that NATO member states had brought a decision two years ago that NATO was not a belligerent party and that everything should be done to avoid a conflict between NATO and Russia. Western politicians who talk about sending troops are violating this NATO decision.

Hungary's position is that it will not send weapons nor soldiers to Ukraine, and that human lives can only be saved through ceasefire and peace negotiations, the minister stressed.

As a defense alliance, it is not within NATO's purview to attack anyone, he pointed out, calling the statements of some Western European politicians irresponsible and dangerous, "because in such a tense situation, one irresponsible sentence can turn into a global tragedy and security challenge". It is crucial that everyone return to common sense and refrain from statements that could escalate the war.

According to the minister, the longer the war goes on, the more people will die and the worse it will be for Ukraine. "I have been hearing for months that the Ukrainians are advancing on the battlefield enabling a better starting position for negotiations. In recent weeks, it has become clear that this playbook has failed, time is on Russia's side," he said.

The foreign minister found it reassuring that the majority of European politicians made clear following Macron's statement that they will not send troops to Ukraine. The belligerent position of the Baltic states is nothing new, he added, but welcomed the US president's position against putting boots on the ground.
 He also said that at Tuesday's meeting of the Visegrad Four (V4 Group: Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary), the prime ministers of all four countries confirmed their refusal to send soldiers to Ukraine. While they have different views on the peace issue, all four countries and their governments agree that the V4 cooperation furthers their national interests. On illegal immigration, sovereignty of energy supply and agricultural development, these interests coincide and can be defended more effectively with joint efforts, the minister noted.

Cover photo: Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto speaks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade press conference announcing the Nestle Hungaria investment  on February 16, 2024 (photo: MTI/ Zoltan Mathe)


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