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Magyar Nemzet
2005.01.22. 11:55

The unified regulation will be compulsory in each EU member state. The EU Council urges unified and stricter measures in a decision to be implemented by May 2006.

According to the new regulation the income of crime should be confiscated though in Hungary there has been no precedent for this.

Ágnes Czine, head of the criminal department of the Metropolitan Court of Appeals said the unified action was important because 1-3 pc of the GDP of all the countries of the world came from money laundering mainly based on drug trafficking. The sanctions should be proportional and must have a retarding force and the punishment must affect the property gained by illegal business.

Lt-Col. Miklós Oláh, head of anti-drug department of the National Office of Investigation said to Magyar Nemzet there have been no sanctions of this kind introduced in Hungary yet because the criminals usually cover up the tracks of money before their arrest.

Translated by Péter Szentmihályi Szabó

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