“Soros wrote what would happen 30 years ago”

That’s how a friend of the people thinks.

2023. 03. 07. 13:44
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After demolishing a few countries, ruining a handful of their currencies, destroying their budgets, and meanwhile making billions by various stock market speculations and all kinds of villainies, George Soros decided one morning that after three decades of these activities, he’d appoint himself a philanthropist. In other words, a friend of the people. 

Well in 1993, this philanthropist, friend of the people, exactly three decades ago, wrote a long essay. It was titled, Toward a New World Order: The Future of NATO. In this he reports that the bipolar global order has collapsed, the Soviet Union has disintegrated, the United States has achieved total victory, but Russia is still in fact very dangerous; we should keep an eye on Russia, we must defend against Russia, and so it is necessary to expand NATO eastward.  

At one point of his conjectures, he suddenly formulates a thought which essentially conveys that it is important for NATO to expand eastward because there is only one major obstacle to NATO’s effectiveness: namely that Western societies do not really tolerate their sons returning home in body bags from armed conflicts. However, continues the philanthropist George Soros,  


If we bring easterners into NATO, and equip them with Western weapons, technical skills and everything else, their sons will return home in body bags instead, greatly increasing NATO’s military potential. 


That’s how a friend of the people thinks. 

Thirty years ago, Soros wrote these words. And now 30 years have passed, and we are living in a time where unfortunate Ukrainian young men, middle-aged, and older people are being carried home in body bags, and we still do not even have approximations of the number of casualties. The philanthropist Soros wrote down what would happen 30 years ago. With this train of thought in mind, reconsider the circumstances of the current Russian-Ukrainian war. 

Photo: George Soros (Fotó: AFP/Brendan Smialowski)

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