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Plans Afoot to Put an End to Migration Madness

The right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) is looking to follow the example of the newly formed Dutch government.

Forrás: V4NA2024. 05. 28. 18:11
Herbert Kickl
Austrian Freedom Party (FPO) Chairman Herbert Kickl (Photo: APA-PictureDesk via AFP)
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– The restoration of full national sovereignty in the area of refugee and migration policy is a key cornerstone of our vision and an effective means to remedy the failure of the EU elite," Herbert Kickl, the president of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) has said, as highlighted by the international V4NA news agency

As for who can cross the border into our country and the duration of their stay must be decided only in Austria and nowhere else,

– he added, highlighting that the new Dutch coalition government's plans are exemplary, including exiting the EU's refugee and migration policy and further tightening restrictions on illegal mass immigration. With their votes in the last parliamentary elections, the Dutch have set a clear course to stop illegal mass immigration and end the EU's self-destructive policies.

We recommend the same course of action for Austrians in this year's decisions. Austria must be given back to the Austrians and the EU's failed immigration policy must be abandoned,

– said the party chief, who also sees the new patriotic Dutch government as a potential new ally in stopping illegal mass immigration. He is confident that other EU member states' leaders will join them.

European citizens will not allow their homeland and cultural identity to be taken away from them by self-proclaimed elites who cling to self-destructive tolerance and false humanism,

– he stressed, recalling that since 2015, around eight million asylum applications have been submitted in the EU, of which nearly 425,000 in Austria alone.

Our population makes up just two per cent of the EU's total, but we have to shoulder nearly three times as much of the burden of illegal immigrants arriving from countries thousands of kilometres away in Africa and the Middle East because the government has done absolutely nothing to tackle mass immigration. On the contrary, all these pro-migrant elites have imposed a counterproductive migration pact on us, instead of deporting migrants who are in the country without permits, 

– Mr Kickl explained. The winners in the whole process are the illegal immigrants, most of whom have had a good time in the welfare state, while the government has received a pat on the back from Brussels bureaucrats. But the losers are the Austrians, who have to pay the billions of euros this madness is costing out of their hard-earned tax money and also suffer all the other dramatic consequences of illegal mass immigration, such as the explosion in crime and the deterioration of education," the leader of the Austrian Freedom Party said. 

Cover photo: Herbert Kickl, leader of the Austrian Freedom Party  (Photo: APA-PictureDesk via AFP/Christian Bruna)

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