Zsolt Bayer Organizes Demonstration to Protest Ruling Against Hungary

This is the second time the European Commission has filed a lawsuit against Hungary at the European Court of Justice.

2024. 06. 15. 15:23
Prominent Publicist Zsolt Bayer speaks at a demonstration protesting the ECJ's ruling against Hungary (Photo: Arpad Kurucz)
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Starting at 6 pm today, a demonstration was held in front of the European Union Representation at 35 Lovoház Street, in Budapest. As Magyar Nemzet has highlighted earlier, the demonstration was called by prominent publicist Zsolt Bayer, because the European Commission has filed a lawsuit with the European Court of Justice against Hungary for the second time.

The demonstration's MC was Gergely Huth, and the first speaker was Andras Bencsik, who told Peter Magyar that "if you've got balls, join us". The question is whether he has a spine, or just a tiny prop in place.

Constitutional lawyer Zoltan Lomnici Jr. said he believes that Hungarian law is worth as much as German, Italian or French law. If these nations have been allowed to put a stop to Brussels' arbitrary methods, then we too must stand up for our constitutional indentity. Foreign populations cannot be settled in our country against the will of Hungarians. Not because Hungarians are not hospitable, but because they are fully aware of what the chaos in the EU's major cities has brought about, and we do not want it. We are fully on the side of Hungary's national-minded government during this time period and throughout their struggles," the constitutional lawyer concluded.

Photo: Arpad Kurucz

According to Zsolt Bayer, we are close to being back in the Soviet Union. They told us that there was no such thing as a migrant quota, and it's merely PM Orban's invention designed to incite. But now, we have a mandatory migrant quota. He then quoted from the ruling, which stated that by refusing to take in illegal migrants, Hungary seriously violates the principle of solidarity and shared responsibility, as well as solidarity between member states. As this constitutes a grave breach of EU law, the court ordered Hungary to pay €200 million and an additional daily fine of 1 million euros.

So, there is a mandatory quota, and now we must pay 1 million euros a day because the EU's top court has ruled that we have rejected the quota.

The question is what kind of solidarity and responsibility we are talking about", Mr Bayer continued. 

Photo: Arpad Kurucz 

Mr Bayer recalled how the West has subjugated and plundered the rest of the world, which is called colonialism. However, the situation backfired, as the former colonies have submitted the bill, and their destitute populations have decided to relocate to Europe in the hope of a better life. We understand all this, but what do we have to do with it? - he asked. 

We have no responsibility or solidarity in this issue, and if we were to ask whether Hungary has had a colony, then everyone thinks of what's known as Franz Joseph Land.

Mr Bayer recalled that the Russian archipelago in the Arctic Ocean was discovered by an Austro-Hungarian expedition, but it never became our colony because the Monarchy has never claimed it, unlike the Russians, he added. 

– If there is common European responsibility and solidarity, then here's our message: tomorrow we will take in three polar bears, five Arctic foxes, four walruses, five seagulls and five storks, and we will also take in a beluga," Mr Bayer said, as his remark was met with applause. This is precisely how much solidarity we must demonstrate for the West's former colonial rule, but we expect the West to do its share and contribute to the beluga's upkeep in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility," he said.

Zsolt Bayer underlined that 

only a tiny minority of irregular migrants are genuine refugees fleeing war, and they are truly entitled to reception and protection. According to International law, refugees are entitled to apply for asylum in the first safe country they reach, and all this is clear,

–  he said.

Hungary takes in refugees from Ukraine, it provides schools and jobs, so it fulfils all its international obligations. By comparison, the European Union is preparing to deport Ukrainian men who are genuinely fleeing war back to Ukraine, where they face certain death,

– Mr Bayer said, describing it as "disgusting, despicable and ugly." – The fact that this could even have crossed the minds of Germans and Poles is dismantling even the last remaining bits of the EU's honor and integrity. And it was at this psychological moment that the European Court of Justice ruled that we should pay a fine of 200 million euros and then EUR 1 million a day, which is exactly how we arrived in the Soviet Union. Quoting Istvan Csurka's words, publicist Bayer Zsolt underlined that when the tanks have left and the banks came in, the government has regained a very crucial part of national sovereignty. 

The prolonged will and arms of the EUropean Commission's villains are like the people's court of the Soviet system, he said.

My Bayer also recalled an iconic scene from the Hungarian film Witness, whose main question revolvedaround whether "they want to set an example." - Who would have thought that 36 years after the regime change this world would be back again? - he asked. Once again, the EU has turned to the ECJ, arguing that Hungary does not exhibit enough solidarity and responsiblility, because it does not comply with the EU's otherwise non-existent migrant quota scheme. The EC has asked the EU's top court to fine us HUF 6 million (€20,000) a day. They argued though that this was not enough, so w ended up with seventy times the amount! - So go fu*k yourselves, Zsolt Bayer exclaimed, adding that we had arrived in the Soviet Union.

The European Union is full of vile, warped-minded, dishonest scoundrels. The sick, disgusting world that they believe in is the best of all worlds, and those who want to stay out are their enemy. And much of all this is paid for by the same old bastard, George Soros. But we will stay out of this insanity, at any cost,

– he emphasized, adding that the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice is in sharp contrast with Hungary's Fundamental Law, and has no validity for us. We do not accept it, we will not implement it. Do us a favour! - he said.

The popular publicist also pointed out that the lower house of the Swiss parliament had passed a resolution exempting the country from the influence of the Strasbourg panel's decisions. Additionally, the lower house, following the upper house, passed a motion condemning the judicial activism of the European Union's Court of Human Rights. They condemned the decision of the Strasbourg court, describing it as interference in Swiss democracy. "So let's send a message to the scoundrels: we consider this ruling, which has no legal basis, to be interference in Hungarian democracy. We also consider it intolerable for EU bodies to interfere in democracy. Get out of our lives, you scoundrels!" Mr Bayer declared.

Finally, he pointed out that one encounter was one too many for Hungary with the Soviet Union. If this is what they want, let them do it without us, because we will not take in any illegal migrants, we will take in all refugees, and the European Court of Justice should leave our premises.

As is known, the Court of Justice of the European Union has ordered Hungary to pay a fine of two hundred million euros (around eighty billion forints) for allegedly failing to respect EU law.


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