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Fathers and axes

Szentesi Zöldi László
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Fathers and axes

Not all liberals will nod approvingly at the forthcoming explanation, but no worries, we will survive that. Ernst Jünger’s parable came to mind in connection with the honors bestowed upon Viktor Orbán by the Serbian State. Mr. Jünger believed that our home is not run so much by the constitution, but rather by a father, who appears in the doorway with his sons. The shocking image however, is entirely valid, you could even say right on the money. Indeed, it is much better for the state if it is led by fathers rather than shouting, side-lined nobodies. It is also best if one has an axe in hand (do not worry, it is just a sign of authority) rather than a constitution, because governing requires reason and heart, not just paragraphs. Furthermore, a politician should not be pouting in a room alone with the curtains drawn, but out and about with his circle. After all, more eyes see more.

Fortunately, in Serbia and Hungary, we mainly see axes, fathers and their “sons” – or in other words, their sympathizers. This is all quite the blow to the selfish, embittered globalists – but great news for patriots. And in fact, Serbia and Hungary may hopefully continue on their own, mutual road because their citizens view Europe, the nation, faith, tradition and family similarly.

I will admit, during the time of the South Slavic war, I did not think that Hungary and Serbia’s friendship could sprout like this. However, since I regularly visit and have visited the Bačka and Banat regions, as well as even south of Belgrade, I know very well that Viktor Orbán has been one of the most precious politicians among not only Hungarians, but also Serbs for the past 15 years (I would gladly write that our Serbian friends love László Lengyel’s predictions, but I do not like to lie). About three-fourths of the Serbians I know are hardcore patriots and they all, without exception, respect Viktor Orbán as they do President Vučić. This is no coincidence. In both countries, the foundations of the Serbian-Hungarian friendship are the same: long-term governing for over a decade, consistent and significant public support, a reliable future, and not in the least, an incredibly stubborn and dim-witted opposition. Yes, in Serbia as well… The truth is, Vučić and Orbán agreed on almost all issues and grabbed their axes, rallied their sons, appeared in the doorway, and even encouraged the Hungarian community of Serbia in Vojvodina. Globalists disguised as Hungarians tried to destroy and overthrow the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians, but just as in Belgrade and Budapest, the power there is in the hands of one politician. He is István Pásztor, who is a strong, reliable partner of the leaders of both countries. And finally – it feels incredible just to say this – the three parties are in complete understanding. Our mutual affairs are working peacefully and effectively.

Let me highlight two important topics out of the many. On the one hand, Belgrade’s government is happy to accept and help along all forms of support the Vojvodina Hungarian farmers receive from Hungary. The magnitude of this can only really be understood when witnessed in person. On the other hand, Hungary selflessly and without fail defends Serbia’s interests in the European Union. At one point, Brussels will be forced to face the logical question: if Romania and Bulgaria were accepted to the EU by subjective rights, and North Macedonia, Albania and Georgia are so European that they must be integrated according to plan, why is Serbia rejected? And who will defend the Serbian minorities living in Bosnia,

Kosovo, and elsewhere? Do those in Brussels not think at all that present-day Serbia has improved and become more European over the past 25 years?

We know the answer. Serbian-Hungarian relations are so good that they can only be ruined if the globalists triumph over the patriots in Belgrade or Budapest. For this though, we still have to wait… In the meantime, we will continue to treat our Serbian friends with friendship and respect while understanding, defending and standing up for them!

Photo: Viktor Orbán and Aleksandar Vučić (Photo: MTI/Benko Vivien Cher)

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