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Shocking videos show violent immigrants wreaking havoc in Europe

Magyar Nemzet
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Shocking videos show violent immigrants wreaking havoc in Europe

The influx of African migrants into Italy is already making some cities unlivable. Illegal immigrants are attracting attention not only by arriving en masse by boat to the European continent, but also by disregarding all rules and upturning order. An incessant stream of new posts on social media sites attests to migrants' failure to behave in Italy. The often shocking images show increasingly appalling acts. One such video posted on X shows a migrant defecating out in public at the base of a tree, in broad daylight.

The text accompanying the post reads: 

National Geographic Italy. Cultural enrichment from Lampedusa has come to Parma.

Not only has it reached Parma, but also the country's capital. A videoclip from Rome shows a migrant, clad in only his underwear, bathing at a fountain in the popular tourist destination. During the process, he can be seen to reach into his boxers and wash his genitals.

In many countries of Western Europe, migrants are instilling fear in locals and disturbing the peace. In Germany, for example, they attack and beat each other with sticks in the streets, in broad daylight. A video of the sizable mass clash was also made. 

Terrible scenes have also been posted from Brakel, Belgium. An elderly man sitting peacefully on a bench was assaulted by a group of immigrants. They repeatedly hit and beat the man, who apparently did not have the strength to get up and defend himself. No one dared come to his aid. The incident was witnessed by other youngsters, including girls who watched in horror. 

These scum must be tracked down, prosecuted and locked up,

the accompanying text reads.

Meanwhile, the anxiety proving migrant crisis has people hoping that Europe will take more serious steps to stem the tide of illegal immigrants. A video posted on X shows how borders can be protected.

Poland shows us how to defend Europe's borders. Images that warm our hearts, we still have hope,

reads the post on X.


Cover photo: African illegal migrants await to be transported at the port of Lampedusa Island, Italy, on September 18, 2023 (Photo: MTI/EPA-ANSA/Ciro Fusco)


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