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High Stakes: A Brussels Empire or Independent Nation States + video

Magyar Nemzet
2023.11.25. 16:36
High Stakes: A Brussels Empire or Independent Nation States + video

"Change is needed in Brussels: the stakes are whether we will live in a Brussels empire or in independent and free nation states," Judit Varga, chair of European Affairs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament, stressed in a video statement on Facebook Friday, while encouraging participation in the National Consultation.

The former minister of justice said,

"The European and the Hungarian Left are afraid of democracy and it is no accident that they also fear the National Consultation, which is a super weapon of the Hungarian government, enabling it to wield a very strong mandate when defending its position on the most important national issues in Brussels."

"The Left in Brussels is trying to discredit and ridicule the consultation, as they are afraid that the opinions of the Hungarian and in deed European people do not match that of the European mainstream," Judit Varga continued.

She noted that the winds of change have already started to blow in the Neatherlands with voters saying a decisive no the Brussels empire  and illegal immigration.

"Here in Hungary, arriving at a common position on our most important issues is so crucial in order to protect Europe from illegal immigration and to protect Europe from attempts at empire building," said Judit Varga.

The committee chair urged everyone to fill out and return the consultation questionnaire so that "we can make our voices be heard very loudly in Europe".

Cover photo: Judit Varga, chair of the European Affairs Committee of Hungary's National Assembly, former minister of justice, speaking at the conference of the Council for Civil Cooperation in EU (EuCET) at the Ensana Thermal Hotel in Budapest on 24 November 2023 (Photo: MTI/Zoltan Mathe)

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