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Security Advisor: We Must Break With Soros Plan, Which Calls For 1M Illegal Migrants a Year

Magyar Nemzet
2024.02.12. 11:51
Security Advisor: We Must Break With Soros Plan, Which Calls For 1M Illegal Migrants a Year

The failures of the European Union's migration policy must be faced realistically, Prime Minister Orban's chief advisor on homeland security told Hungary's public M1 news channel on Sunday.

Gyorgy Bakondi underlined that

the Soros plan, which advocates for an annual influx of one million illegal immigrants, must be abandoned.

He underscored the need for a shift towards prioritizing the security of the population, and he urged abandoning vague ideas concerning the integration of migrants.

He highlighted a substantial rise in the number of migrants along all three migration routes to Europe, particularly towards Greece. 

PM Orban's top domestic policy advisor pointed out Europe was shaken by three serious terrorist attacks over the past few week, and all of them were perpetrated by illegal immigrants.

He pointed to several reasons behind the current "intensive" migration, including various crises and the fact that people smuggling is a significant income source for criminal networks. He also noted that the EU's policies served as an attraction for those considering the migration route.

Mr Bakondi suggested that the dynamics of migration could potentially change with a shift in the governing bodies of the EU and the composition of the European Parliament. He expressed that the upcoming EU elections could serve as an opportunity for such changes.

He recalled that

The European Union has implemented a migration pact that encompasses various measures, including the distribution of illegal immigrants among EU member states based on quotas. 

Gyorgy Bakondi highlighted that despite earlier denials by European and Hungarian left-wing parties, the existence of such a distribution system is now officially documented.

Mr Bakondi emphasized that the Hungarian government's top priority is ensuring the security of its people and safeguarding the external borders, adding that internal security cannot be effectively addressed without these.

He also pointed out that Hungary distinguishes between migrants fleeing a war and persecution, and the influx of migrants with unknown identities who are brought to the border by organized criminal groups in complete violation of the laws.

Hungary is doing all it can to assist those in crisis under the Hungary Helps Programme, Mr Bakondi said, confirming that the government's position is to help where there is trouble, instead of bringing the trouble into Europe.


Cover photo: György Bakondi, PM Orban's chief advisor on homeland security, at a press conference on illegal immigration in the press room of the Prime Minister's Office on January 10, 2024 (Photo: MTI/Mathe Zoltan)

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