Dollar Left Is Exposed Again + Video

In exchange for foreign funding, Hungarian ex-PM Gyurcsany's party was expected by the pro-war Soros network to support Ukraine's war effort, Fidesz communications director points out.

2024. 03. 02. 11:41
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

"The Dollar Left is exposed, yet again," Istvan Hollik states in his latest social media video post. The Fidesz communications director indicated that the Hungarian Left has constantly reiterated since 2022 that no money from abroad has helped finance their campaign.

"Now again, it turns out they were lying. Only this time, it is Soros's network that exposed them. News was published yesterday that Action for Democracy (A4D), the organization soliciting donations abroad, had admitted in emails to donors that they had supported the Left in Hungary with the money they collected," explained the governing party politician, adding that

despite the stubborn denial of Gyurcsany and his DK party, it is now fact that a large amount of dollars have rolled into the Left's coffers.

The only question that remains and is a significant one, Hollik says is:

What exactly did Soros's network ask for in exchange for the funding?

In his view, the millions weren't provided without strings attached.

The answer can easily be worked out from viewing the activities of the Dollar Left over the past two years. It is clear that the pro-war Soros network asked Gyurcsany and company to support the war. This is why for the past two years the Dollar Left has been proposing the delivery of weapons and the sending of soldiers [to Ukraine] and has argued in favor of the continuation of the war, contrary to Hungarian interests and common sense,

the communications director underlined.

As he put it, when European leaders publicly propose sending soldiers to Ukraine, this represents a concrete danger and puts Hungarian security at risk.

"Therefore, we demand that the Gyurcsany-led opposition, despite having been instructed to do so, immediately abandon their pro-war policy and wanting to drag Hungary into this conflict," the Fidesz politician stated.

Cover photo: Istvan Hollik, Fidesz communications director (Photo: Miklos Teknos)

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