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What We Read In the Papers, Vs. Reality

Magyar Nemzet
2024.02.12. 14:30
What We Read In the Papers, Vs. Reality

In his latest Facebook post, Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade highlighted the hypocrisy of the West.

They want to force us to impose sanctions on Russia's nuclear industry. This would be tragic for Hungary, given the key role the Russians play in our nuclear energy sector. And what do I read in the papers?

– Peter Szijjarto asked.

That Russia became the number one supplier of uranium to the United States last year. The US has spent over a billion dollars in Russia buying Russian uranium, and we are being forced to impose sanctions on them.

In his video, FM Szijjarto underscored that the sanctions on oil are also a sham, as the western half of Europe has continued to purchase oil from proven Russian sources.

What I see is that Russian oil exports are increasing to certain countries that I shall not name, from whom the EU continues to import oil in large quantities. So what are we talking about? The sanctions are simply not working, the sanctions are hitting the European economy itself and are not having a significant impact on the Russian economy,

– Hungary's foreign minister concluded. 


Cover photo: FM Peter Szijjarto at a panel discussion at the Harvard University's Political Science Institute in Boston, on February 9, 2024 (Photo: MTI/KKM/Marton Kiraly)

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