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CPAC an opportunity to convey the truth

Magyar Nemzet
2022.11.22. 14:51
CPAC an opportunity to convey the truth

„The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) provides the opportunity to represent our interests and promote our way of thinking which is especially important now, during this global energy crisis,” Levente Szikra told Magyar Nemzet. The analyst from the Center for Fundamental Rights believes that foreign politicians have plenty of political solutions to learn from the Hungarian government.

„The fact that influential actors who sympathize with our country and its politics visited us already this year for CPAC, and could visit again next year, gives us the opportunity to convey the truth about Hungary and enable others to defend against unfair attacks like the ones we have dealt with,” Levente Szikra, analyst at the Center for Fundamental Rights, told Magyar Nemzet. Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, Gergely Gulyás, announced this year at CPAC Mexico that the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference could be held in Budapest again. 

According to the analyst, Hungary will become more well-known globally due to the event; this is always useful to assert our interests and our international reputation. 

„Aside from this, I will also emphasize that CPAC is at its core, the US Republican party’s event which just happened to gain a majority in the House of Representatives and has good chances for the upcoming presidential elections in two years. The more powerful Republican political sway is in the United States, the better opportunities Hungary has to represent our interests in bilateral relations which is especially important for our country,” he detailed. 

Levente Szikra explained that in Hungary both the long-term success of conservative governance is given along with significant social support behind it – which is a rarity in the Western world. He added that this makes Hungary a focal point for conservative interest as they can learn many political solutions from the Hungarian government. 

„Political stability is another important factor evident in Hungary – which is another rarity in the Western world. For example, in Europe, among the democratically elected leaders, the Hungarian prime minister has been in office the longest. And as stability becomes all the more valuable in uncertain times, more and more are looking for the route to this,” he explained. The analyst said it is commonplace to say that due to Hungary’s size and economic strength it does not count as a big power but thereby Hungary is able to grab global attention through its achievements. „This gives us an opportunity to represent our interests and promote our way of thinking, which is all the more important now during the global energy crisis. The more people know and understand the Hungarian position, the easier it will be for us in international relations,” concluded the analyst.  

Photo: Havran Zoltán

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