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Navracsics: We must thoroughly and precisely fulfill our commitments

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Navracsics: We must thoroughly and precisely fulfill our commitments

“Today’s decision from the Commission did not come as a surprise to the Hungarian government, it was leaked over a week ago. An important element of the current decision is that the Commission recommends the Hungarian recovery plan be adopted,” said Tibor Navracsics at the government’s press conference.  

“The Hungarian plan was thoroughly praised with the exception of one category. Our past year and a half of work to get this passed is paying off,” said the Minister of Regional Development. He continued to say that they are pleased the possibility to sign off on the recovery plan is nearing and they hope that this will open the door to the cohesion funds as well. 

“If this is achieved, then the goals we set are achieved. From 2023 we will actually be able to use the funds,” he added. 

CPAC an opportunity to convey the truth

Levente Szikra explained that in Hungary both the long-term success of conservative governance is given along with significant social support behind it.

Regarding the suspension, the Minister stated that this is nothing new and it was already revealed mid-September. 

“We must fulfill the remaining commitments just as precisely and thoroughly as we have so far so that we get access to all funds within every operative program,” predicted Navracsics. 

Tibor Navracsics told Magyar Nemzet that he was able to reach a compromise while upholding the government’s principles. The Minister also confirmed that throughout the negotiations, Hungary did not bring politics into the mix. 

“There is no need for the government to hold extraordinary meetings in January, everything is going according to plan based on agreed-upon dates,” Tibor Navracsics told Origo.  

Minister of the Prime Minister's Office, Gergely Gulyás told journalists that the sum of funds recently confirmed is enough for the next year; they will come to an agreement on the rest in the meantime.  

According to Gergely Gulyás, they are in need of much more to maintain utilities price cuts, however the funding actualized now will provide more aid than expected. 

“We are in continuous contact with the Commission, we still have not achieved all our goals,” Tibor Navracsics told an RTL reporter. According to the Minister, the EU’s super-milestones system could even be a good thing as Hungary can set an example for other EU member states.  

The government’s position regarding teachers remains unchanged – everyone must comply with the law and everyone still has the right to legitimate protests. 

“We are counting on all planned EU funds to arrive,” said Gergely Gulyás in response to another question. He believes that they are still in need of money to fund utilities reductions, but the government will make up for that by levying special taxes as it did this past year.  

“The Council will either accept or change the Commission’s proposal,” said Tibor Navracsics concerning future steps to Mandiner. If it were up to the Minister, he would be sure that an agreement would be formed by December 31st; he believes it is in the Commission’s interest as well to avoid any country from losing funds. 

According to Gergely Gulyás, there will be no need for legislation as large-scale as in the past fall; the package of laws concerning judicial amendments will most likely be expanded.   

“Raising teachers’ salaries by 21 percent by the first of January only depends on the Commission at this point,” said Gergely Gulyás in answer to a question. 

Signing the recovery agreements will become relevant on December 12th when the European Council holds their meeting. 

According to Tibor Navracsics, this is not about the Commission telling us what to do, but rather the result of continuous negotiations between the government and the Commission, thus, the funds suspension may eventually come to an end. Tibor Navracsics also stated that the Commission requested the recovery plan not be revealed until it is accepted. 

In answer to a question from, the Minister indicated that the Visegrad 4 unity is unbreakable.

 “The left crossed all lines these past few months,” said Gergely Gulyás in regard to MEP Katalin Cseh and her colleagues' statements in the EP trying to prevent Hungary from receiving the resources it deserves. “Nevertheless, every sign points to the fact that we will receive it,” he added. 

In answer to a question from Telex, the Minister said that currency exchange rates are very sensitive these days to everything, however the war has led to foreign trade deficits. He emphasized that “the latest phenomenon is that the Hungarian left is currently working hard in the European Parliament against our country’s interests.” 

 “In settling disputes and setting conditions, the Commission is striving for solutions, because if it does not work together with Member States then it will not work,” said Tibor Navracsics to TV2 in conclusion. 

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