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We’ve had enough of Manfred Weber

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We’ve had enough of Manfred Weber

Manfred Weber has had enough. He has especially had enough of – as he claims – “our dependency on Viktor Orbán.”

The truth is, a lot of people have had enough of a lot of things these days.

For instance: we’ve had enough of Manfred Weber. More than enough. We’ve had enough of this cowardly, unprincipled nobody who finished his grand career as the European People’s Party leader by leaving behind a meaningless party of the former Christian, conservative group. At this point, a magnifying glass couldn’t even help you spot any difference between this party and any other European far-left, anarchist, neo-whatever, socialist-democratic party. Not that any social democratic parties carry any meaning anymore either.

Helmut Schmidt’s world has gone to the wayside as has Helmut Kohl’s. And what’s emerged in their place is a mess.

A certain meme consists of two images: one of them depicts a “dog 200 years ago” and the other a modern-day dog. The 200-year-old dog is paired with a caption that reads “Chased away a wolf pack on my own and ate a fox that was eating our chickens.” The image of today’s dog is captioned, “You changed my food and now I have a stomach-ache and diarrhoea.”

This is our exact situation – within 20 years we’ve come to a Weber with a stomach-ache.

We’ve had enough of comrade Weber – enough of his meaninglessness, harmfulness, his lies and nastiness. And for that matter, we’ve had enough of this breed of Europe, this Western Europe. We’ve had enough of self-destruction and infinite stupidity.

We’ve had enough of the United States and their president who needs to remind himself to “sit down”, “say hi”, “talk briefly” with little notes. But it doesn’t seem to make much of a difference as he’s still getting lost in the garden and shaking hands with invisible people, passing gas in public and speaking nonsense.

We’ve had enough of the fact that Ukraine is only important to them because it's part of their family-business. We’ve had enough of the moron kid who spent his time in Kiev with Ukrainian prostitutes, then filmed his pathetic time there, uploaded it, and then, after forgetting his laptop at a repair shop, denied everything.

We’ve had enough of Ukraine as well.

Despite the fact that they were attacked, and despite us Hungarians knowing all too well what it’s like to be attacked by the Russians (where was the West in 1948 and ‘59?!), the situation is totally different now. There is no way you can love and respect the Ukrainian government today if you have any common sense.

Ukraine is a mafia state with a bunch of corrupt politicians, a bunch of unscrupulous oligarchs, a bunch of disgusting Nazis, a bunch of chauvinistic sh**heads, and a mediocre actor-buffoon currently playing the role of president. Meanwhile, ever since their bloody and ruthless revolution funded by the United States, they’ve professionally incapacitated all national minorities, written hit lists, banned opposition parties by decree, and threatened and chased away anyone who thinks differently. They essentially killed Hungarians, and actually did so with Russians in the most bestial, brutal ways.

And now they’re in shock.

But they’re demanding, threatening all the same. And it has become clear that they expect the whole world to go to waste with them if necessary.

We’ve had enough of the West drooling behind them, serving their wishes. The West that tries to educate everyone on the meaning of being European, democracy, acceptance, respect – while promising anything Ukraine desires simply because they’ve laid eyes on Ukraine’s farmland and natural treasures. At the same time the West also thinks they can finally settle accounts with Russia this way by putting some Yeltsin type of alcoholic-bum in charge, who can start unabashedly robbing Russian energy and other natural resources in exchange for glass beads – and of course tame the enormous strength of the Russian energy market.

This is what motivates the West – and that’s all you can say of their principles and decency.

We’ve had enough of this. We’ve had enough of this.

We’ve had enough of the war.

Because war destroys everyone and everything; it destroys 12-years' worth of efforts and results. And it's not Putin – but the war and the West’s depravity that will destroy the Western way of life.

Actually, we’ve had enough of the Western way of life too, because the West has made freedom, prosperity, equality and democracy a global joke and unbearable. Madách’s tragedy covers just this: with enough time, man will turn even the noblest, most wonderful things into a cesspool and mental disorder, homousian or homoousion. Every day, a new letter needs to be stuck to the LGBTQ-madness; more and more pronouns are declared criminal to avoid anyone getting offended. All so that the nutcase who considers himself a small, blue, female rhinoceros is not addressed by the wrong terminology.

But the proper thing to say is obvious: “Come here, let’s take that straightjacket off for a bit and go for a walk in the garden.”

Today we are experiencing Rome, London, and the phalanstery at once.

And we’ve had enough of this too.

We’ve had enough of the West’s self-infatuation, being proud of nothing, of their teaching. We’ve had enough of the emptiness and big-mouth of the “master for years”. (Our poor Attila József referred to Babits as this unjustly – he even admitted this mistake later and asked for forgiveness. Now, we rightfully say this and will not apologize.)

Let’s read some Verlaine:

“I am the Empire in the last of its decline, / That sees the tall, fair-haired / Barbarians pass,-the while / Composing indolent acrostics, in a style / Of gold, with languid sunshine dancing in each line. / The solitary soul is heart-sick with a vile / Ennui. Down yon, they say, War's torches bloody shine. / Alas, to be so faint of will, one must resign / The chance of brave adventure in the splendid file,- / Of death, perchance! Alas, so lagging in desire! / Ah, all is drunk! Bathyllus, hast done laughing, pray? / Ah, all is drunk,-all eaten! / Nothing more to say! / Alone, a vapid verse one tosses in the fire; / Alone, a somewhat thievish slave neglecting one; / Alone, a vague disgust of all beneath the sun!”

Is the feeling at least familiar? We’ve had enough of this too. We’ve had enough of the eradication of the Gutenberg-galaxy, we’ve had enough of “ugly is beautiful and beautiful is ugly.” We’ve had enough of this world.

Because we still know that there can be another way. We waited for 40 years, and for 40 years we desired what was in the West. We know what the West was like in the 60s, 70s, and 80s – we know how this could be a win-win situation. We know this doesn’t have to be this way – we know that you have lost your minds, not us.

You gave up everything.

You gave up your religious identity, your national identity, and now you're giving up what’s left of your pathetic, miserable gender identity – and when you’re done, your heart will rest on a “branch of nothing”, if you had a heart. But you don’t have that either anymore. No heart, no soul. You have your genitalia, but you constantly want to change or replace it.

Because after all, you think that you are God. Well, you aren’t. You aren’t gods, you’re barely humans. In fact, you don’t even have any “human concerns” left.

You’re as delirious as a dog with rabies.

Your desires are more down-to-earth than those of a dunghill and all that is left of your ideas is the sick and stupid “me”.

Do you still know how to read?

Read Kosztolányi:

“On the proud couch of self-infatuation / I rest as the yellow light of day and night / falls onto my blankets. / Between smoking and coffee, I laze, / as my only purpose, my destiny, / is living. / We are only worth as much as we consume, / no need for the lies of the glorious halo, / work. / I do not negotiate with the chattering, deceitful prophets, / I do not negotiate with any ugliness, / nor the clamoring masses, / nor with ratios nor with Hollywood. / Your shower of words of salvation / and boring insanities don’t matter to me, / the century’s ragged clown is not I, / nor is the clumsy mechanic rattling in the clouds. / The powerful don’t need gentlemen’s conceit, / and the cheap, junky goodwill of the millions. / I declare, my friends, that two is many, / but one is more. / Let the past crack and the future too, / I must possess a higher treasure. / I rule over the crater of fire, / my throne still stands. / I measure myself, / against myself. / The words I utter are of solid gold, / a medal. / On each of them is my likeness, like that of a king, / and on the edge of each, / the arrogant inscription: / me.”

But you don’t deserve that either.

We’ve had enough…

Photo: Manfred Weber (Photo KRedit: Europress/AFP/Sem van der Wal)

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