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Megafon – battling the dollar liberals

János Molnár
2022.12.13. 07:28 2022.12.13. 07:55
Megafon – battling the dollar liberals

“Neither the dollar liberals nor the dollar media will not stop, and the rest is yet to come,” said István Kovács, founder of Megafon Központ, Hungarian media platform. He described Megafon as an initiative to defend against attempts to intervene from abroad and a place where right-wingers can confidently voice their opinions. This was supported by the opinion leaders of the organization who emphasized just how much money is actually flowing into the left-wing media.

“We are in the crosshairs: since the dollar liberals and dollar media goes forward, we cannot stop either and we need everyone’s help,” announced István Kovács to Magyar Nemzet. The founder of the Megafon Központ explained that the attempts to influence the Hungarian elections from American democrats along with George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is just the beginning. “It seems that this is getting more aggressive because after the elections, increasingly outrageous things are occurring instead of the situation being settled,” he said.  

An even tougher stance 

The founder of Megafon emphasized: “we see that this unnamed power is not just financing parties but also directly funding the media and its various projects… Maybe for us Megafon guys the most striking thing is the Telex academy – you can’t help but notice the similarities. Unlike them, Megafon is a grassroots, Hungarian initiative that serves the interests of the Hungarian people,” he said comparing the two mediums. 

He highlighted: Megafon is not a political party, in fact it is independent both institutionally and financially. He noted that interest, support and love from active, right-wing Hungarians has been very high since the start – and it's clear that the other end of the spectrum only gets this kind of support if its brought from abroad. 

“We will take an even firmer stance against this, we will yank off the covers, we will go after them, and we will tell everyone,” stated the founder. He added that what happened with Megafon in Hungary is unprecedented. He believes this is an organization independent of parties but dealing with politics in a professional way.

That is why the label of political action community is accurate because it is the best description of what Megafon has become in the past two years

– he said. 

He also said that several hundred average, ordinary right-wing people from high schoolers to retirees have completed the Megafon training. “Perhaps, even more importantly than this, they bravely express their opinions,” he added. Interest in Megafon is growing so it is no coincidence that they are increasingly caught in the crossfire of the left-wing media. 

Musk at the front 

István Kovács encouraged everyone to join Megafon because the challenges that await in the future will only be more difficult and a certain number of people is needed to counter the overwhelming force from the other side. He added that in addition to the financial support, the social media platforms themselves are leftists. 

“If someone opposes them, they try to silence them; one example was Elon Musk, one of the richest people in the world. After he purchased Twitter and announced that he would put an end to the left’s censorship, American legislators immediately went at him and the European Union tried to censor him. Maybe that’s why it hurts: not only have we entered the field but also, we’re good at it,” – stated the Megafon founder.  

He also said that anyone interested in joining should upload a short CV and motivation letter at According to his experiences, hundreds of people have been able to move forward thanks to them; those who want to learn more can participate in their one-day trainings. “At the peak of the training system is a months-long course where mentors work on a daily basis with participants,” concluded István Kovács. 

There is a lot to be said about the dollar liberals’ and media’s affairs

– highlighted reporter Dániel Bohár, one of the top personalities at Megafon. “We must call attention to the fact that despite their claims, they are not at all independent nor objective but rather echo some of the worst left-liberal propaganda out there,” he stated. He also pointed out that while the left-liberal media hid behind the mask of independence and objectivity, those at Megafon openly embrace what they believe in. “We don’t beat around the bush or mishmash things – we proudly state our opinion and join the political battle,” he said.  

Obama is horrified 

Our paper’s regular publicist, Bence Apáti who recently joined Megafon said that former president Barack Obama was obviously thinking of them when he discussed the horrifying things happening on Hungary’s social media. Apáti added that this is clearly demonstrated by the 740,000 USD (~ 300 million HUF) given to Telex from the American left and the fact that Lakmusz – which calls itself a fact-checker – has access to European funds for five years. He believes it is necessary to prepare for more and more foreign funding behind left-wing media. 

According to a study published a few days ago by the American Media Research Institute, George Soros finances at least 235 media organizations worldwide through which he exerts his influence over public opinion and promotes the “open society” wrote Metropol yesterday. They added that, Soros uses his media empire to promote pro-abortion, Marxist economics, environmental extremism, and LGBTQ bigotry.

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