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"No One's Asked EU Citizens If They Want Ukraine in the EU"

Magyar Nemzet
2023.11.28. 10:42
"No One's Asked EU Citizens If They Want Ukraine in the EU"

– In Kyiv on Monday, a European Commissioner discussed Ukraine's full EU membership and how the European Union, i.e. its member states, should provide an additional 51 billion euros - including for weapons - on top of the tens of billions of euros already given, state secretary Csaba Domotor pointed out in his Facebook post.

According to the Fidesz politician, they try to portray Hungarians as the ones attempting to put a spanner in the works. The problem, he pointed out, is that European citizens have never been asked, or surveyed for their opinion.

The state secretary's questions drew attention to the following key aspects that should be taken into account when considering Ukraine's accession to the EU:

  • it's a country at war
  • its war would be financed from European taxpayers' money 
  • this would completely transform the EU's assistance policy 
  • and the EU would be inundated with huge quantities of genetically modified Ukrainian wheat 

– They have not asked anyone, but we will, which is why we encourage everyone to take part in the National Consultation and have their say on all these issues," the state secretary underlined. 


Cover photo: State Secretary Csaba Domotor (Photo: MTI/Szilard Koszticsák)

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