PM Orban: We Managed to Slow the Train Speeding Toward War Through the EP Elections

The decision penalizing Hungary was taken by George Soros's court, Hungary's prime minister says.

2024. 06. 14. 11:10
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Kossuth Radio studios giving interview for Good Morning Hungary! program on January 27, 2023. (Photo: Prime Minister's Press Office/Zoltan Fischer)
VéleményhírlevélJobban mondva - heti véleményhírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz fűzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

"George Soros's court made this decision. The bubble in Brussels is full of Soros's people. Soros has a plan to bring one million migrants to Europe every year to create a mixed continent, said Viktor Orban in an interview with Kossuth radio's Good Morning, Hungary program, commenting on yesterday's ruling by the EU court.

Hungary has a dispute with Brussels, and Hungary insists that the Hungarians should decide who they want to live with, PM Orban said. "It's quite simply insane," he described the decision by the European Court of Justice penalizing Hungary.


What's in Brussels is not our world

In the context of the EU punishing Hungary by withholding EU funds, the prime minister stressed that Hungary will have a response. "Hungarian people expect politicians to speak clearly and tell the truth. In Hungary, argot is punishable in politics, but that's the only way they speak in Brussels. It is not our world that is there," he said. He emphasized the need to protect our values ​​in an environment that is culturally hostile.


Hungary's significant contribution to NATO is recognized

"An agreement that's very important and favorable for us was reached," Viktor Orban said, speaking about his meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday. He said that Hungary is one of the loyal and cooperative countries in NATO, and that defense spending exceeds two percent of GDP, which is also required by the organization.

"Compared to our size, we make a significant contribution to NATO, which is recognized. However, the other member states want to defeat the Russians and think that the war can only come to an end if the Ukrainians win," he said.

We are convinced that there is no solution to this war on the battlefield. NATO is promoting war, but we are on the side of peace,

he added. PM Orban noted that he does not want to risk either Hungary's or the Hungarians' peace.

The point is that NATO is taking a direct role in the training of Ukrainian soldiers going to the front, said Hungary's prime minister. Thirty-one member countries want to push Hungary into the conflict, he said, adding that they want the country go over to the pro-war side.

Hungary will not provide a military staging area, and neither will it supply weapons.

NATO's aspects of NATO cannot precede the aspects of Hungarian peace,

PM Orban underlined. We got everything we wanted, in return we agreed that in Washington,  we will not block the start of the mission.

There are countries in the region that are moving into the war, the Poles and the Romanians are committed, the Slovaks are cautious, and we are steadfastly staying out of it.

The war doesn't look the same from Nyiregyhaza [Hungarian town in northeastern Hungary], or from the Atlantic coast, or even from the Bavarian forests," the prime minister said.

Viktor Orban stressed that three days after the elections it was much easier to negotiate our opting out of NATO's Ukrainian mission. Fidesz had won the elections by a landslide, he noted, which indicates that the population is also in favor of peace, not just the country's leadership. 

Hungary pulled the emergency brake on the pro-war train and got off,

he said in the interview, highlighting that 

this train can be stopped and the election results open up an opportunity to stop it from speeding on.

He recalled that on the campaign trail many people asked him how this would happen, and he replied that it would happen just as it is currently happening.


European people do not want this war 

On election day, two governments went under: the French and the Belgian, and the German chancellor's party came in third - an unprecedented result. According to Mr Orban, this means that if European leaders do not take the side of peace, they will fail.

We have managed to slow the train speeding toward war, and have bought Europe time,

he said and believes that if Trump is re-elected US president in November, peace can be achieved in the long run.


Meeting with Donald Trump Jr 

 When asked about his meeting with Donald Trump Jr yesterday, he jokingly replied that being an American isn't easy either. As he put it, the US is one of the safest countries in the world, so they have virtually no sense of danger.

Trumpist Americans think that giving aid will not lead to a Ukrainian victory, which is why they oppose the war. This is a slightly different view from ours, but it leads to the same result, a ceasefire.



A turn to the Right

The prime minister explained that if Marine le Pen and Girogia Meloni could reach an agreement and Fidesz joined them, the second largest group in the EP would be created, and if more members of the People's Party (EPP) crossed over, it could even become the largest parliamentary group, thus creating a right-wing turn in the EP. However, he said that hopes were low that the two party families - European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) and Identity and Democracy (ID) - would be able to reach an agreement and merge.

In his regular weekly interview on Kossuth Radio's Friday Good Morning Hungary! program at 7:30 am, Prime Minister Viktor Orban reported on the latest government decisions, assessed the European Parliament and local elections, and touched on the European Court of Justice's ruling against Hungary.


Cover photo: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (Photo: Prime Minister's Press Office/Zoltan Fischer) 


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