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"I do not want Hungary to become a country of migrants"

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"I do not want Hungary to become a country of migrants"

“As you most likely know, I am the only politician in the entire European Union who is openly against migration. So, it is not me to be conniving or covert, or beat around the bush; I have a very clear, direct position,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday in Vienna after meeting with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer. During their joint press conference, the Hungarian Prime Minister added:

I do not want Hungary to become a country of migrants and I do not want migration to become stronger in Hungary. This has been the position I have always taken and will continue to take,

– declared the Hungarian PM.

I would like to make it clear that we will always defend our borders and thereby prevent any kind of illegal migration into Austria,

– he announced. “It is also in Austria’s interest that Hungary protect its southern borders. This is a fact that you must live with: we are your stronghold at the Serbian-Hungarian border. If we do not defend our borders there, then hundreds of thousands of migrants will pour into your country, illegally. The only way for you to avoid this is if Hungary defends its southern borders.”

According to the Austrian Chancellor, their country is also experiencing a serious wave of illegal migration.

He said that over 31 thousand refugee applications were submitted this year, mainly from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

Karl Nehammer also announced that, in accordance with the Hungarian PM’s suggestion, Austria, Hungary and Serbia will be holding a joint conference on illegal migration. As part of their cooperation, the two countries are already conducting joint patrols along their borders and more than 50 Austrian police officers are supporting Hungarian border forcers along the Serbian border.

“Here in Austria, we reject all forms and relativization of racism and antisemitism,” declared Karl Nehammer at the press conference. He added that:

Austria has particular responsibility in this matter given their participation in the crimes of the National Socialists.

The topic of racism emerged during the bilateral meeting due to Viktor Orbán’s recent word choice during his speech at the Tusványos event, using the word “breed” and drawing attacks from leftists when he said: “in the Carpathian Basin we are not mixed-race: we are simply a mixture of peoples living in our own European homeland… we are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed-race.”

We are in complete agreement on the most important issues of a spiritual nature, racism and antisemitism,

– said the Chancellor in reaction to Viktor Orbán’s words. This was the Prime Minister’s first public appearance since his speech at Tusványos.

“What the Austrian chancellor believes, I do as well. In fact, not only does Hungary believe this but we are proud of our results.

Hungary has made incredible achievements in the fight against racism and antisemitism, and our government in particular is at the forefront of this.

Viktor Orbán detailed his approach: Hungary has a policy of zero-tolerance in these matters, racist acts are punishable by law and are banned from political public discourse. He added that a biologically-based approach is not possible in any political issue in Hungary, only a culture-based approach.

Sometimes I can be misunderstood, this happens. But I asked the Chancellor to put all related information into cultural context because in Hungary, these phrases, sentences, and the position I represent are cultural and civil positions. I would like to repeat that I am proud of Hungary’s achievements from the past few years in the fight against racism.

Photo: Viktor Orban and Karl Nehammer - Prime Minister's media/Vivien Cher Benko

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