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Emir Kusturica: How can they celebrate Zelensky, the bad actor?

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Emir Kusturica: How can they celebrate Zelensky, the bad actor?

According to the director, “Hungary is not allowing itself to sink along with Europe,” in this crisis caused by the war, reported

Emir Kusturica, director of films like Time of the Gypsies and Black Cat, White Cat, was a guest at the Szolnok Alexandre Trauner Art and Film Festival where, according to Magyar Hang, the Hungarian magazine, he made several political comments.

Kusturica said that Europe is essentially a colony of the United States but most do not even notice this.

Maybe this country does notice, and will not let itself sink along with Europe,

– said the director in reference to Hungary.

If the United States wants to fight with Russia, why don’t they attack from Alaska?” asked Kusturica who believes the United States is working towards the destruction of Europe.

He also does not understand why they are “celebrating that bad actor, Volodymyr Zelensky” in Cannes. He believes that Zelensky is leading everyone towards an abyss.

According to the director, many want to escalate the conflict which he considers a fatal move. Read the original article in Hungarian here.

Photo: Emir Kusturica (Photo: MTI/EPA/Claudio Onorati)


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