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The European Parliament is a loose cannon

Kottász Zoltán
2023.01.14. 22:15 2023.01.14. 22:15
The European Parliament is a loose cannon

The European Parliament (EP) has become severely disconnected from the electorate and external control, it is operating like a loose cannon,” Balázs Hidvéghi, Fidesz representative in the European Parliament, told Magyar Nemzet in regard to the Brussels corruption scandal.

These are hollow proposals that, in the best-case scenario, only scratch the surface. They are not enough. According to the information released so far, the corruption in Brussels and EU institutions goes very deep – it is definitely prevalent within the EP, but it seems to reach further than that. This is a classic case of the practice of buying political influence: external powers buy political influence for a lot of money, partly through politicians, through civil organizations, from the inner workings of the Soros-network, but even from the media. This practice then becomes embedded in Brussels’ decision-making. This is the problem. It will not be solved by proposals trying to restrict the entry of former MEPs. They are in need of much deeper introspection and assessment of political consequences.  

According to certain sources, not only could up to 60 EP representatives be involved in the corruption scandal, but also certain European Commissioners in close contact with the suspects. Is it possible that in the next few weeks and months even more individuals could come to light? 

I think that yes, there is a chance for this. It is clear that this network has been functioning for many years and is very widespread. I will add that the purchase of Hungarian political influence by foreigners was also from the dollar left. The practice of corruption in Brussels must be eradicated. The most suitable moment for this will be the 2024 European Parliament elections. 

Experts say that the problem with the European Parliament is that it regulates itself: its members hold themselves accountable while they have no obligations to external actors, to the European citizens. Do you agree with this? 

Yes, that is how I see it and it highlights how the European Parliament as an institution has become severely disconnected in practice and in operation from external control and from the electorate; it functions as a loose cannon. A corruption machine has been exposed. We cannot expect those who created and benefitted from this system to eradicate this machinery themselves. 

Photo: Balázs Hidvéghi, Fidesz (MTI/Szilárd Kotlicsák)

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