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21:002024. július 14.

PM Orban: No Clemency in Pedophile Cases + Video

Prime Minister Orban spoke to Hungary's Kossuth Radio about the new President of the Republic, the issue of child protection and the Ukraine war.

2024. 02. 23. 9:42
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– Legally speaking, it is the prime minister who makes a recommendation regarding the President of the Republic, following the rules of the parliamentary groups. In reality, however, this is not a one-person decision but rather a lengthy consultation process – PM Orban told public Kossuth Radio this morning. He mentioned that while considering candidates worthy of becoming Hungary's head of state, they identified a good number of viable candidates, which strengthens one's faith. He added that the decision in favor of Tamas Sulyok was based on experience, expertise in constitutional and legal matters, professional career, prestige, as well as international relations.

– In the case of serious decisions, there are lengthy negotiations, and out of respect for the country, we also need a well thought-out decision. In the end, our choice fell on Tamas Sulyok. Hungary is a strong country – PM Orban said, adding that people's hearts were still bleeding over the resignation of the President Katalin Novak.

PM Orban underlined that Ms Novak granted presidential pardon in a case where the only correct decision would have been to reject it. He pointed out that Ms Nocvak's clemency decision had dismantled Hungary's national unity, especially on the right, which treats the issues of child protection as a key priority. 

The new head of state must restore our national unity, as well as the balance, Mr Orban said, which means that is no clemency when it comes to pedophile cases.


We launched a comprehensive investigation

PM Orban emphasized that he ordered authorities to launch a comprehensive investigation. In a country like Hungary, what wnet down at the Bicske Children's Home cannot happen, he said. He wants to determine whether the employment tests at the children's homes were carried out properly when staff were appointed. He expressed concern that there were deficiencies, and that it should have been obvious that there was a problem. The investigation already underway should cover everything, Mr Orban said. 

– Individuals who pose a danger to children should not work in such institutions, PM Orban emphasized, adding that their decisions will not be guided by what bureaucrats in Brussels want.

The starting point is what Hungarians want,

and the government will enforce their will, PM Orban said.

– The sexual education of children is their parents' responsibility and we don't want to see LGBTQ activists around institutions, Mr Orban said. There is a midlife crisis in Brussels. They think they will sort out all the various things that have not been resolved so far, he stated, adding that – in his assessment – is a more aggressive political period in Brussels. George Soros has published a program, the infamous Soros Plan, which included proposals to create migrant ghettos, Mr Orban recalled, stressing that we must now suffer one final attack from Brussels on the issue of migration.


The West won't admit that it was wrong

Regarding the Russia–Ukraine war, the prime minister stated that during war, it is the ability and the consequence that count. Hungary has consistently asserted that the West should not get involved in a war without a solution on the battlefield. He emphasized that Ukraine will not have military superiority, highlighting the need to pursue a ceasefire and peace since Russia cannot be brought to its knees.

– We need a peace process that will bring this conflict to an end and give us a Europe that is viable in the long term. I understand that, between the Germans and the Russians, there are us and the Poles, while the French are sitting on the Atlantic coast and the Brits in the safety of their island. From that perspective, life looks different, but for Hungary, it looks like a global power is fighting a serious war in its neighborhood, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives. We do not share the British, French or German point of view. One participant of the war, Russia, is a nuclear power, which poses a huge risk – PM Orban underlined. 

Those in the West have their feet stuck in a hole, Mr Orban remarked. He expressed skepticism that the current pro-war leaders would admit that they have misjudged the situation, and back down.

It won't be easy to admit mistakes, just as it has not been easy to admit a failed migration policy. But, sooner or later, the West will have to admit this. This is why we look forward to the US presidential race, where Donald Trump can create peace even without admissions

– Mr Orban pointed out. Regarding Sweden's NATO accession bid, he said he asked his parliamentary group to give him time to engage in a confidence-building process with Sweden's prime minister, allowing him to reach a point where he can produce tangible arguments in support of the Swedish accession. This process will conclude today, in Budapest.

The two sidea are to conclude a serious military-industrial agreement and outline some key directions and objectives for military cooperation. We need to accept, and the Swedes also need to accept, that we are different. Hungary is a Christian country, this is a core value in our society. We are family-centered and we reject modern configurations, whereas Sweden does not. The Swedes are pro-war, we are pro-peace. If the Swedes don't want to tell us how to live, this is all fine. We are adults, we are capable of cooperating based on our own interests, PM Orban said.



Cover photo: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban in Kossuth Radio's studio (Photo: MTI/PM's Press Office/Zoltan Fischer)

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