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Three Key Differences Between Hungarian Right And Hungarian Left

Magyar Nemzet
2024.02.11. 15:29
Three Key Differences Between Hungarian Right And Hungarian Left

There are three essential differences between the Hungarian right and the Hungarian left," Miklos Szantho said, in a video shared on his social media. The Center for Fundamental Rights conducted an analysis within the context of the resignations of Hungarian President Katalin Novak and former Justice Minister Judit Varga. Mr Szantho's assessment highlights the presence of responsible politicians on the right, like Ms Varga and Ms Novak (the first difference). However, he points out that on the right, mistakes have consequences, while on the left, even sins are deserving of praise (the second difference). According to Mr Szantho, Hungary cannot be a country without consequences.

The third and most crucial difference, as outlined by the head of the Center for Fundamental Rights, is that the right-wing in Hungary has consistently advocated for the protection of families and children, opposing pedophiles and pedophilia. In contrast, the left identified with notorious child abuser Daniel Cohn-Bendit and declined to support the idea of imposing stricter punishment for pedophiles in Hungary. They also refused to endorse Hungary's Child Protection Law.

Cover photo: Miklos Szantho (Photo: Emil Calhoub)


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