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The migrant mafia is at war with Hungarian border police on the country's southern borders

People smugglers fire their Kalashnikovs at Hungarian border patrol units + video

Szemán László János
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People smugglers fire their Kalashnikovs at Hungarian border patrol units + video

Divine providence was on the side of the Hungarian and Serbian policemen guarding Hungary’s southern borders on September 21, when several mafiosi fired a barrage of bullets at them. One of the smugglers returned the next day to take another group of migrants to Hungarian territory.

Magyar Nemzet has exclusive details of the armed attack on the police protecting Hungary’s southern borders. Several people smugglers fired rounds from Kalashnikovs at Hungarian and Serbian officers on the border between Hungary and Serbia on 21 September at 10:30 pm at border markers 61 and 64 in the area of Subotica. Thanks to divine providence, however, none of the four members of the joint patrol was injured.

From 2021, Hungarian border guards have come under increasingly aggressive attack by people smugglers and illegal migrants (Photo: Police.hu)

The four-strong Hungarian-Serbian patrol arrived at the border fence in their service jeep in response to an alarm that a large group of migrants was crossing into Hungarian territory by ladders. The arriving patrols were greeted by a hail of bullets. A smuggler fired a single shot from a Kalashnikov into the air, then fired two volleys of five or six shots at the Hungarian and Serbian police officers. The patrols jumped into the ditch of the technical barrier and using that cover, they withdrew from the line of fire. On the Hungarian side, the shots hit the parts of the border fence above the patrol car and the ground.

The Serbian police found 16 spent cartridges on the Serbian side, five of which belonged to ammunition produced in North Macedonia.

The Serbian and Hungarian officers held a field meeting to investigate the border violation, and the Csongrad-Csanad County police headquarters opened a case against an unknown perpetrator on suspicion of misuse of firearms or ammunition.

It cannot be ruled out that the same smuggler with a Kalashnikov rifle was also active in the Roszke area.

Illegal migrants on their way to the Hungarian border (Photo: Zoltan Havran)

A few minutes after 6am on 22 September, a man climbing a ladder on the dirt road between the fences of the temporary security border with Serbia was spotted by a CCTV operator.

The man stopped on the road, removed a machine gun from his shoulder and used it to cover the 13 illegal migrants following him to cross the border. There were no patrols nearby, as two other groups of illegal migrants were being apprehended a short distance away at the same time.

After the group had crossed the border, the armed man climbed back into Serbia on a ladder. The police soon detained the 13 illegal migrants about half a kilometer from the border and escorted them back to the temporary security barrier in accordance with Hungarian law.

Smugglers wage war

The Serbian news portal Suboticke.rs reported on the attack on the Hungarian border police. It wrote that the clashes resembling war kept occurring. On the evening of 21 September, shots were heard and Hungarian border police were fired upon.

There were numerous clashes in the areas of Palic, Hajdukovo and Tresetiste. It is believed to be a conflict between Afghans and Syrians, and witnesses and residents of this part of the suburb say there are injuries and deaths. Sirens of emergency vehicles could still be heard in the evening hours.

Cover image: People smuggler with Kalashnikov (surveillance footage)


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