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Ukraine war is biggest challenge in region, state secretary says

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2023.10.25. 11:22
Ukraine war is biggest challenge in region, state secretary says

Tristan Azbej, state secretary responsible for Assistance for Persecuted Christians Programs under the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, stood for the values of peace, enlargement and connectivity at the plenary session of the European Union Strategy for the Danube Region Forum on Tuesday. He posted a report on his social media page of the event, where he also stressed that the war in Ukraine is the biggest challenge facing the region.

Following the meeting of ministers responsible for the implementation of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) held in Slovenia, Tristan Azbej wrote on his social media page that establishing peace and saving lives is of paramount importance now.

At the forum, he presented the Hungarian government's position on the importance of an immediate ceasefire and a deescalation of the war.

We express our solidarity not by delivering destructive weapons, but rather, Hungary launched the largest humanitarian operation in its history to help the victims of war,

he noted.

Hungary has recognized that the EU accession and integration of the Western Balkan countries is in the fundamental interest not only of the country, but also of the Danube region, and indeed, of Europe as a whole. The integration of these countries would strengthen the European Union, which is why Hungary urges the acceleration of the accession process.

Tristan Azbej also pointed out that Hungary is additionally making great strides in the strengthening of connectivity. A bridge between Hungary and Slovakia on the Ipoly river was already opened this year and more bridges will be completed by the end of the year. The electrification of railway lines to Romania and Serbia is well under way, and we have made a number of investments to connect our hydrocarbon pipelines and electricity networks with the infrastructure of neighboring countries," he said.

It is in the interest of the whole of Europe that the region of countries along the Danube becomes stronger, the state secretary wrote, noting that Hungary certainly continues to do its part in this endeavor.


Cover photo: Tristan Azbej, the Prime Minister's Office state secretary for the Assistance of Persecuted Christians  (Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetvary )

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