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Hungary Signs Nuclear Deal

Magyar Nemzet
2023.12.03. 13:51
Hungary Signs Nuclear Deal

Hungary also signed the declaration to triple global nuclear energy capacity at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai on Saturday. The 22 signatory countries pledged to triple global nuclear power capacity by 2050.

The agreement was initiated by French President Emmanuel Macron,

Attila Steiner, state secretary for energy and climate at the energy ministry told Hungary's state news agency MTI on Saturday.

In his speech at the conference, Attila Steiner presented Hungary's achievements reached so far, highlighting, among other results, that Hungary has reduced its CO2 emissions by 37 percent and would like to continue along this path. The state secretary stressed that the goal is to further expand nuclear capacity, as nuclear energy is a major source of carbon-free energy production. Clean energy supplies, including nuclear energy, contribute to the future of our children and our planet, he pointed out.

In his address, he also touched on some of the thoughts shared on Friday by Hungary's president, who underscored the importance of families and children and drew parallels between a sustainable future and sustainable demography. At the climate summit, Katalin Novak highlighted that "the precondition of feeling responsible for the planet is feeling responsible for the continuation of one’s life. (...) Family is not the cause but the solution of the climate crisis. (...) A sustainable future requires a sustainable demography."

This year, the United Arab Emirates is hosting the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 28). The summit is attended by 80 thousand participants and heads of state and government from 140 countries.

Cover photo: Hungarian President Katalin Novak (fifth from left) and Attila Steiner, state secretary for energy and climate at the ministry of energy (second from right) at the stand of the Technology and Innovation Hub of the John von Neumann University at the 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) at Expo City Dubai on December 1, 2023 (Photo: MTI/Noemi Bruzak) 

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