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PM's Commissioner: National Consultation Vital for Asserting Government's Interests in Brussels

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PM's Commissioner: National Consultation Vital for Asserting Government's Interests in Brussels

Everyone can express their opinion in the national consultation survey, and the more people do so, the greater the ability of the Hungarian government will be to assert interests in Brussels and Strasbourg, the PM's commissioner for priority social matters said in western Hungary on Friday.

Zsolt Nyitrai attended an event called Civic Salon at the invitation of Tibor Navracsics, minister for regional development and Christian Democratic MP for the region. Speaking about the national consultation before the start of the discussion forum in Tapolca, western Hungary, the commissioner highlighted that

Hungary's sovereignty is the most important issue now, because it is under attack from Brussels, and we must protect our national independence.

Brussels intends to do away with utility cost cuts, extra profit taxes and interest rate freezes, he explained, pointing out that at the same time Brussels is set to impose migrant quotas and create migrant ghettos in Hungary, which cannot be allowed.

He drew attention to the fact that in other countries,  people are not consulted, while in Hungary, citizens can express their opinion on key issues. Once citizens have expressed their opinions, the government will evaluate them and, in line with previous practice, this will be followed by a parliamentary or government decision, Zsolt Nyitrai said.

The prime ministerial commissioner highlighted two of the questions included in the consultation survey: one is related to the protection of caps on energy prices, which Brussels wants to axe in the middle of and energy crisis, depriving every Hungarian family of an average savings of 181 thousand Hungarian forints (appr. €475), he said. The other crucial issue, in his view, is Ukraine's accession to the EU, forced by the EU.

"Our eastern neighbor is at war, we don't know where exactly its borders are, how many people live there, how many voters it has, and in the European Union almost every country would become a net contributor, as all the funds would have to be channeled in that direction."

Zsolt Nyitrai called it sad that there are those who attack democracy and do not want people to express their opinion in the national consultation.

 As an example, he mentioned independent MP Akos Hadhazy, who used a knife to damage a poster advertising the national consultation, which shows that the left is bringing violence back into politics.

Cover photo: Zsolt Nyitrai, prime ministerial commissioner for priority social matters (Photo: MTI/Peter Komka)


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