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Anarchists Clash With Police Near Hungarian Embassy

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2024.02.11. 12:40
Anarchists Clash With Police Near Hungarian Embassy

Police pushed back protesters who were attempting to march to the Hungarian embassy in Rome on Saturday to demand the release of a far-left activist detained in Hungary.

The protection of the diplomatic mission's building was secured by the Italian authorities. The streets leading to the embassy were blocked, impeding access, as reported by the local correspondent of the Hungarian state news agency.

Nearly a hundred protesters tried to breach the police cordon. The demonstrators threw smoke bombs and were repelled by law enforcement officers. 

The protesting rally was orchestrated by the so-called anarchist university movements. They staged another pro-Palestinian march, a recurring event every Saturday since October. This time, however, the demonstration also called for the release of the far-left Italian woman Ilaria Salis, currently held in Hungary.

A banner at the forefront of the procession from Rome's La Sapienza University read: "Let everyone from Hungary to Palestine be free!"- as demonstrators chanted:

We are all anti-fascists! Let everyone out of jails! Free Palestine!

On January 30, near the Hungarian Embassy in Rome, a prominent Italian street artist's work appeared on a building wall, depicting symbolically an Italian woman tearing off her handcuffs.

In the heart of Milan, approximately 100 members of the Sentinelle (Guards) movement staged a demonstration advocating for the release of a woman detained in Hungary.


Cover photo: Far-left Italian activist Ilaria Salis attends trial (Source: Screenshot/Hír TV)

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