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Fidesz-Christian Democrats Alliance Only Pro-Peace Force in Hungary

Tonight, the lead candidates of 11 parties that have put together EP electoral lists will debate in the Varkert Bazaar, organized by the public media (MTVA). The debate will primarily focus on the issue of war and peace. The event is expected to reveal what the participating parties really stand for, as the issues are clear. The seriousness of the debate is already being questioned by several opposition speakers. This may be a legitimate question, but the focus should be on the left-wing participants instead of the organizers," says the analysis by the Center for Fundamental Rights.

Forrás: Center for Fundamental Rights2024. 05. 30. 12:12
Put out by the Prime Minister's Press Office, Hungarian Prime Minister and Fidesz President Viktor Orban, speaks at the Hodmezovasarhely stop on the campaign trail on May 25, 2024. Construction and Transport Minister Janos Lazar (on right) and mayoral candidate Istvan Grezsa (second from right) (Photo: MTI/PM's Press Office/Vivien Cher Benko)
Vélemény hírlevélJobban mondva- heti vélemény hírlevél - ahol a hét kiemelt témáihoz füzött személyes gondolatok összeérnek, részletek itt.

Peter Magyar (TISZA Party) has been arguing about the debate since the very beginning. In his characteristic aggressive style, he insisted that he should set the framework of the debate. Initially, he vehemently pressed for a debate, then threatened MTVA with staging a protest outside the venue, then he said he would not participate but eventually decided to attend, stating, however, that he would talk about other topics than those specified. How seriously can you take a man who has changed his mind so many times in just a few days? But Anna Donath, topping the Momentum Movement's (MOMO) candidate list, and the Two-Tailed Dog Party  (MKKP) were similarly disingenuous, reads the analysis by the Center for Fundamental Rights. Discredited political actors about to disappear from the political landscape, such as former prime ministerial candidate Peter Marki-Zay (Everybody's Hungary People's Party (MMM)) or Jobbik, are not even worth mentioning, the analysis notes. The starting pistol signaling the beginning of the debate hasn't even gone off, but the the entire dollar Left has already managed to dispel the idea that they are serious challengers by their pre-debate behavior, without saying a word. Their message, their war enthusiasm, paints an even worse picture of them.


Accordingly, it seems clear that the Fidesz-Christian Democrats (KDNP) alliance will be able to present the only European alternative that is organized along Hungarian interests.

This is  supporting peace while rejecting war, migration and gender ideology. In contrast to the Fidesz-KDNP alliance, only pro-war candidates will attend the debate, many of whom are involved in the funding scandal of the dollar Left. Thus, their personal livelihoods depend on how well they serve the needs of their principals, those who finance the dollar Left. For them, elections are not about supporting voters and representing their interests, but about fulfilling the expectations of an international network that provides them with billions.

One of them is Peter Marki-Zay, who - "if NATO decides" - would have sent Hungarian soldiers to Ukraine.
The joint list of the Democratic Coalition, Socialist and Dialogue parties is full of pro-war politicians. Take for instance, Sandor Ronai in the 4th place, who said in 2022 that he deeply regretted that "we are not helping 100 percent" the war in Ukraine, "since other EU member states are helping, for example, with weapons deliveries". The person behind the pro-war list of the Democratic Coalition, Socialist and Dialogue parties, Ferenc Gyurcsany stressed that "we must help Ukraine", and defined the ultimate goal of the war as the military victory achieved by Ukraine. Also this year, Momentum Movement (MOMO) MEP Anna Donath urged for "more military and humanitarian aid" to Ukraine. Katalin Cseh, who is second on Momentum's list, is also a leading advocate of taking away the money due to Hungary, for example, two years ago she said that the most important thing is that Ukrainians "get the weapons they need to fight this war".

On the issue of war, Peter Magyar, head of the Respect and Freedom Party (TISZA), has been communicating on the same level of consistency as on the debate. First he announced that he was pro-peace, then he clarified that he would support peace if it was brought about by a military victory for Ukraine (which is in fact a pro-war position, an endless prolongation of the conflict), and finally he revealed that his pro-big business party with its assorted globalist candidates would sit in the European People's Party (EPP) group in the EP. What do you need to know about them? EPP chief Manfred Weber has stated the three conditions for joining the party family: "Europe, Ukraine and support for the rule of law'", and the EPP leader also announced that compulsory conscription in Europe would also extend to women. 

Peter Magyar has stated numerous times that he wants to join the EPP. As the EPP is one of the most hardcore warmonger groups in Europe today, Magyar's intentions and goals are crystal clear: he is also in favor of the senseless and hellish war in Ukraine.
While these dollar Left parties were consistently pro-war even before the debate, the governing Fidesz-KDNP coalition has consistently been pro-peace since the outbreak of the war. From the outset, the sovereignist Right has rejected the kind of war psychosis that is increasingly gripping Europe's globalist leaders. They can only think in terms of a military solution to war, and so initially they sent helmets, followed by small arms and ammunition, then light and eventually heavy armor, then shorter and longer-range missiles. After the complete failure of all these, they now want to send soldiers. 

They are uncritically supported in this by the Hungarian dollar Left, which would take our country into war because of its desire to serve foreign interests. This is why on June 9th, as many voters as possible must reject the war psychosis of the opposition and vote for the sovereignist, pro-peace Fidesz-KDNP, so that the Hungarian right-wing, national-minded representatives can prevent the escalation of the war and resist the unbridled enthusiasm for further senseless bloodshed, reads the Center for Fundamental Rights' analysis.

Cover photo: Put out by the Prime Minister's Press Office, Hungarian Prime Minister and Fidesz President Viktor Orban, speaks at the Hodmezovasarhely stop on the campaign trail on May 25, 2024. Construction and Transport Minister Janos Lazar (on right) and mayoral candidate Istvan Grezsa (second from right) (Photo: MTI/PM's Press Office/Vivien Cher Benko) 

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