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Another major US politician supports Hungary in connection with the global minimum tax

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2022.06.18. 09:47 2022.06.18. 10:18
Another major US politician supports Hungary in connection with the global minimum tax

Glad to see Hungary rejecting the race-to-the top global minimum tax being pushed by the Biden Administration!– tweeted Russ Vought, director of the Center for Renewing America think tank which will be responsible for planning Trump’s foreign policy. During the Trump presidency, Vought was the head of the OBM (Office of Management and Budget) and simultaneously one of the most influential figures of the republican nationalist-populist wing.

This is not the first reaction from abroad praising the Hungarian government's position:

Why does President Biden not reject this terrible agreement in the same clear way Hungary does?

– expressed Grover Norquist, president of the Americans for Tax Reform organization, in connection with the global minimum tax planned by the EU. He also believes that the tax would hurt citizens and taxpayers. The Americans for Tax Reform organization seeks to reduce the role of the state and was established at the request of former US President Ronald Reagan.Aside from this, multiple Republican senators and congressional representatives have already expressed support for the Hungarian position.Support from the USA is rather important because Hungary is currently the only EU Member State opposing a global minimum tax. Previously Poland was also against the initiative, but has since changed their position following an agreement in recent weeks with Brussels allowing them access to their pandemic Recovery Fund worth several billion Euro.

The government does not support the introduction of a global minimum tax. A global minimum tax would force Hungary to double our taxes levied on businesses. Thus, not only Hungary would lose its tax-advantage, but also businesses would be burdened by additional fees that would be quite a burden, even in normal economic times,– announced Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s office on Friday.

Photo: Russ Vought and Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)