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Linda and the Hammer gang

“Keep the pressure on! … Attack, attack, attack from every direction, never give the faltering organization a chance to rest, regroup, get back on their feet and rethink their strategy!”

2023. 02. 21. 20:14
Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Linda Thomas-Greenfield Forrás: MTI/EPA
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“Keep the pressure on! … Attack, attack, attack from every direction, never give the faltering organization a chance to rest, regroup, get back on their feet and rethink their strategy!” Given the continuous foreign or foreign-funded attacks on Hungary over the past few years, these quotes from former radical communist theoretician Saul Alinsky from Chicago unfortunately come to mind more and more often. The activist who penned the far-left radicals’ 12 points also testified that in order to gain power, open lies and slander should be promoted and spread. It is the nature of slander that leads the majority of people to believe it when it is unexpectedly presented – and by the time any victims can react, the whispers of propaganda have had their impact making any attempts at refute appear to be excuses.  

Only those who are unwilling to see it did not notice this method in action recently at the UN headquarters in New York where an event was held on the global efforts against antisemitism. American UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, host of the event, indulged in a rather deliberate lie while making her opening remarks. After all, the high-ranking US diplomat cannot be expected to accidentally say such outrageous nonsense in a climate as tense as it is right now given the war and global economic crisis.  

On this occasion, the ambassador did not seem too concerned about the gangs of armed Nazis participating in the war in Ukraine as some sort of “vanguards” (Azov, Ruszic) or that in France, anti-Jewish, Muslim demonstrations are almost a daily occurrence. However, she did mention Hungary saying: “A Holocaust memorial was vandalized in Hungary. A Russian missile hit a Ukrainian synagogue.” 

After she made this obvious lie, she prohibited the Hungarian delegation present from expressing any sort of reaction. Thus, the Hungarian diplomats could not do anything but wait for the end of the event and submit a complaint to the US UN mission behind closed doors where the US delegation admitted to their lie. In fact, the incident actually took place in Sweden where the statue of Raoul Wallenberg was vandalized. The Hungarian embassy then requested a public correction, but the Americans were not willing; they simply crossed out the part mentioning Hungary in the transcript of the speech. 

This of course does not settle the matter. Hungarian diplomacy and the government were forced to protest, pushing the issue to higher levels. Yet, among those who are not aware of Hungary’s zero-tolerance for protection of minorities, the whispers of propaganda already spread the message that Hungarians are antisemitic.  

Naturally, Linda Thomas-Greenfield’s “uninformed” speechwriter also managed to slip in another mine by connecting Hungary with the “evil Putin who is bombing synagogues in Ukraine.” As usual, the United States was looking to kill two birds with one stone: alongside the false accusation of antisemitism, they also piled on the deceitful narrative that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is eating from the palm of the Russian aggressor’s hand.  

This was preceded by another diplomat, Samantha Power, Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), who was recently sent to Budapest and scandalously claimed that Hungarian secret services were leaking information to the Russians. Later she too of course redacted her lies and corrected them: she started fantasizing about some Russian hacker attack, which according to her, reached the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But afterwards it does not really matter what she said because the whispers of propaganda were not paying attention to the Hungarian government’s refute, but to the slander itself. So, the US agents managed to disparage a NATO member’s national security system, and along with it the entire alliance, all for a bowl of lentils – for defaming Hungary. Alinsky would grin from ear to ear if he saw all this. 

The real communists know however that for a conceptual trial, evidence must also be fabricated once the judgment has been passed. Given all of this, you do not have to be a conspiracy theorist to assume that these phenomena were just preparations for a much more serious provocation against Hungary. An open, far-left act of aggression which was planned for the so-called Day of Honor (Becsület napja) – i.e., the traditional annual gathering of the radical far-right – in the Buda Castle courtesy of the dollars rolled in from American speculator George Soros. After all, they had to try and somehow prove that “antisemites” are actively rioting through Budapest; that’s why they sent the groups of modern “antifascists” (antifa) to instigate some kind of big bloody conflict.

What the organizers did not consider however was that the Hungarian police – based on the legal framework and with plenty of foresight – banned this gathering at the Buda Castle district and on any other public area. However, the antifa group thrown together by stragglers sent here from Germany, Italy and some domestic far-leftists (like the so-called Hammer Gang [Kalapács Banda]) was so worked up they could not be stopped. They wanted to fight, they wanted to draw blood. And with the conditions, they felt even more confident they could “win” as they cruelly attacked innocent people walking by alone who they deemed right-wingers given their outfit or appearance with vipers, hammers and gas spray. They were wild and unleashed, looking to finish what they started – ready to carry out the instructions of the master Alinsky. They attacked, attacked, and attacked from every direction, not giving staggerers a chance to get back on their feet.

After these events, András Jámbor, member of parliament who organized one of the far-left groups in Budapest, the Szikra Movement, of course went straight into hiding. It would be hard to find something to say to the press or authorities about this, not to mention the enraged outlaw army or the attacked right-wing radicals. Moreover, Jámbor is a member of a party, Dialogue for Hungary (Párbeszéd) whose best-known member is current mayor of Budapest, Gergely Karácsony, who should be responsible for the city’s safety and security. Consequently, the justifiable question arises: does the mayor of our capital know that his campaign could have been staffed by people willing to go out and fight like street thugs?

If we were wrong, and these events had nothing to do with each other, it would be ideal...

The leader of USAID just accidentally happened to disparage Hungarian secret services, the US UN ambassador accidentally listed Hungary as an antisemitic country, and incidentally at the same time, a bloody, far-left provocation occurred in Budapest on the same day as the breakout from the Buda castle in 1945. Just as billions of US dollars just happened to roll into the Left’s accounts during the Hungarian parliamentary elections. Because only in an Agatha Christie novel is one coincidence a coincidence, two coincidences a clue, and three, proof.

Photo: Linda Thomas-Greenfield (Photo: MTI/EPA/Justin Lane)

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